Wish to See You Again!

The subs for episode 12 of Wish to See You Again have finally been released!! Soft subs are here and actual episode is here.


Mysoju and other notes

Yes, I know that mysoju.com is down, and yes, I am as annoyed/worried about it as anyone, but take heart – from what I understand, it’s gone down several times before and usually comes back up within 1-3 days. I don’t think it’s permanently/officially gone(I would be nigh-on devastated if it was – it’s my personal favorite and first love of the drama-watching sites)

Having temporarily given up in despair on Wish to See You Again, as a subber on Eternal Fansubs, where I’ve been downloading it as they’re the only/first ones to be English subbing it(they’re up to episode 11), in repsone to my(polite!) request for a tentative date/timeline for when they’d be subbing the rest of it, replied with an on-the-surface polite but faintly snarky speech that included this- “Kindly understand that real life trumps fansubbing. Please extend some patience.” Er – I have. I’ve been dying, it’s been literally driving me crazy not to be able to finish this drama, which is low-key but exquisite, but I understand that subbing is a long process and unimportant in the daily run of things, so I didn’t bug them about eps 10-11 and after they released 10&11 I waited for over a week before contacting them! Even then I just asked for an idea of WHEN so that I could um, stop checking their site twice a day(which I’ve been doing for over a week, only to be daily disappointed).



and time.

The next few episodes won’t be released until September, if then, and the final few will take even longer. I’m not torturing myself for that long.

On to other dramas. Which is why, given the three-day weekend, I’ve been marathoning Smiling Pasta, a Taiwanese drama of which one and only one adjective springs to mind to describe: adorable.

It’s partly delightful, and partly cute, but overall I would say the best definition of it is adorable. For the most part, it’s refreshingly non-angsty, particularly because the central female character has a delightfully optimistic tendency to bounce back smiling after misfortune as well as a highly supportive and equally optimistic family.  It’s not brilliant, and around the halfway point starts sinking into the usual repetition/pointless angst/illogic melodrama most dramas indulge in at that point, but it’s well worth watching, and certainly one of, if not the least, emotionally exhausitng drama I’ve ever seen.


“Xiao Shi is a girl who has gone through many short relationships, 17 to be exact, not one lasting more than 3 months hence, she was cursed with a three-month curse. After being dumped by her 17th boyfriend, the world looks grimmer than ever. At that time, a famous idol, He Qun runs past, bumps into Xiao Shi, and they end up “kissing” on the street. Paparazzi swarmed by and to avoid a bad reputation, He Qun’s manager declared Xiao Shi as He Qun’s girlfriend of one year and fiancée. Thus, a love contract was made. This story is about how the couple learns to like each other after having disagreements in the beginning, as well as fighting the injustices the media throw at them. Will Xiao Shi finally break her 3 month curse?”

It stars Cyndi Wang, who is…not beautiful, but more often than not endearing(really don’t understand, however, why so many dramas seem to pair or choose only decently-pretty actresses to star opposite super good-looking actors. Asia’s a big country. Surely they can find better-looking women more often?) and Nicholas Teo, who, I am pleased and not one whit surprised to discover, is a Chinese-Malaysian singer as well as a newly-minted actor – he plays a musician in the drama and well, when he sings, it’s clear that it’s not subbed. His voice is lovely – very mellow and warm, and whether they’re his actual songs or not I don’t know, but the ones he sings on the drama combine well-written lyrics with addicting/haunting melodies. Will definitely be researching him farther as a musician.

Also, he’s cute.

Great smile.

ETA: apparently, he and Cyndi Wang, who played Cheng Xiao Shi, are rumoured to be together after being spotted/appearing together at several functions – surprising since I actually didn’t think their chemistry was always as smoking as it usually is in dramas, in fact I thought she had more chemistry with the secondary guy, Ah Zhe, played by Gino, who is, ahem, also cute-

Then again, maybe I’m just a die-hard bad-boy fan.

ETA2: Cyndi Wang apparently is an artist as well, a fully signed Taiwanese one. Hmm. Perhaps that explains why they went with the slightly less-than-beautiful option. Not that I am particularly complaining about her acting.