Shining Inheritance

Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy is such a good, good, solid drama. I’m not sure yet whether it will go into favorite-dramas of all time, but it will certainly fit easily and solidly into second-tier along with Corner with Love, My Lucky Star, etc. etc. I would have sworn, previous to this, that no drama could make me get through 14 episodes without significant romance – but boy I was wrong. Granted, I’m still a little bit unhappy, especially now that things are heating up romantically, but, overall – if I had to wait this long in order for it to be this good, it was worth it 🙂 Shining Inheritance doesn’t break any kdrama traditions or conventions as far as plot or style goes, but it’s just so solidly written, paced, plotted, and acted that you can’t help but adore it and be completely hooked anyway. It’s got that great, hard-to-attain balance of comedy and angst/emotion, and Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Ki are just too amazing for words. 🙂 The one quibble I have with it is that far too much time is spent, imo, on the evil characters and on side characters such as Eun-seung’s Dad, all of whom I find completely uninteresting(I had this problem with Cain and Abel too), so I’m pretty constantly doing fast-forwarding(thank God for the fastforward button). All in all, while it doesn’t inspire in me the mad passionate frenzy that dramas like Mars etc. have, I have a deep, deep affection for this drama. In fact, I love it enough that I made an MV of it:) (there weren’t any on Youtube so I thought I’d give it a shot)

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