Se7en Girls feat Lil Kim Official Music Video

Nice to see that Se7en is just as good at most popular American artists at losing all original style and creativity in favor of sex, booze, and musical fame.


Star Bites: Goo Hye Sun, Rain, Epik High, Big Bang, Kim Hyun Joong..

Roenal kindly commented and sent me a link to another lovely BOF music video, but embedding is disabled, so I’m just linking to it here (the song is almost eerily appropriate).

Billasub, a new music video/drama subbing group, is looking for translators; she’s collaborating with Jcjjica to sub To Get Her, which I’m quite excited about, and I’ve volunteered to be blog manager for Jcjjica so we’ll see if that works out.

I haven’t had a chance to watch Boys Before Flowers 16 yet , but you can download Episode 16 at Arashi.Vox(Youtube & Veoh links also) or at Aja-aja as usual.

Entertainment Bites:

Goo Hye Sun of Boys Over Flowers and SeungRi of Big Bang to perform Duet together – how…random. I suppose I’m excited to see the actress from a drama I’m very much enjoying and a member of my favorite Korean band performing together however

Epik High‘s new album comes out in March, and Se7en makes his American debut(*hollow laugh* I’m not even excited anymore. There’s only so many times a debut can be announced and then retracted before it just becomes stale) with a teaser clip on March 4th and the full “Girls” MV March 10.

Rain releases “Recollection”, a repackage of his 5th album “Rainism”, on March 5

Those under 19th won’t be allowed to purchase Big Bang‘s 2nd album Remember, due to the suggestive lyrics of Seung Ri’s solo “Strong Baby” – also known as, why I’m glad I don’t live in Korea

And, in Kim Hyun Joong news(mm!) from least to most important:

– his new hairstyle on BOF hot topic

-he went to a DBSK concert to support his friend Jaejoong

-he is to further his studies in America!!! While I’m slightly disappointed to see he’s only coming for 6 months, I’m still excited for him to learn English so he can meet me and fall madly in love and it’s most likely that he’d come to Los Angeles, which is where I live.

-he won the popularity award!! Lee Min-Ho got the newcomer award at the 45th Baek Sang Arts Awards yesterday, but Kim Hyun Joong displaced him for popularity award for male artistes in the TV category

K-Bites has red-carpet photos of him and the other F4 members(it’s almost eerie seeing them in real life, because they project the same image of charisma, togetherness, and sheer good looks in real life as they do in the drama) at the Arts Awards.

Hanfever has the complete list of winners as well as more photos(other highlights included So Ji-Sub winning Best Newcomer Award along with Kang Ji Hwan).


Supposed ending of Boys Before Flowers causes huge commotion

Highly anticipated drama Cain and Abel finally had its opening press conference and will begin on February 18th(woo-hoo!). Poor Han Ji-Min took the prize for most-uncomfortable-in-her-dress actress I’ve ever seen; it’s so obvious in all the pictures that she’s dreadfully afraid of exposure/one of those dreadful clothing mishaps the paparazzi never lets an actor live down.

Se7en, somewhat anti-climatically after all these months of promises and rumours, is finally, actually, officially, making his US debut on March 4 with his single Girls and an MV for it.

Last but not least, uber-popular Kdrama Boys Before Flowers might be extended (hmm. I have mixed feelings about this. I’m afraid they’re going to ruin it by cramming in more content just to make more money)

Se7en and BoA: a Real American Debut!

Looks like Se7en, after two years of rumours and delays(in which we saw him most of the time sitting around LA looking bored), and BoA, after one year of the same, are both finally going to release an actual US album.

Se7en will release his on Valentine’s Day according to his record company YG Entertainment – “We will first release Se7en’s single album as a digital single. We are working at releasing it on 14th February which is also Valentines’ Day.” His debut song is called “Girlz” (highly original Se7en. highly original)

More info here

BoA’s first American album, meanwhile, comes out March 17 headed by the single “I Did It for Love”. Her previously released(and I gotta admit, highly catchy) single “Eat You Up” has been climbing U.S. Billboards slowly but surely, now in the top 10 ranks at #8 position on the ‘Hot Dance Club Play’ chart for February 7th.

Se7en, and a Barbie Hsu/Vic Zhou reunion?

The mystery surrounding the timing of Se7en’s U.S. debut continues, although his myspace page apparently states that it will happen sometime this year. You’ll forgive me if I don’t run screaming into the streets as the news, since Se7en has been “debuting” in the U.S. for quite some time now.

In other, much more exciting rumours, Barbie Xu, also known as Da S, might team up with previous castmate and former boyfriend of 3 years, Vic Zhou, in another drama!! The drama in question is called Summer of Bubbles / Bubbles’ Summer/Pao Mo Zhi Xia, is based on a best-selling novel, and will apparently come out in 09, although there’s precious little news beyond that. Barbie I believe is highly likely to star in it, while the male lead is less certain…unfortunately, I have difficulty believing that a couple who were together for three years and broke up only 6 months ago would be willing to work together(at all, much less this soon), which is perhaps why it’s only a rumour and not confirmed…:( If it were only true though – Vic and Barbie have such incredible, deep, amazing chemistry, and Mars was so dark that I’ve always wanted to see them in another role together – they could be so adorable.

Synopsis of the plot of Summer of Bubbles/Pao Mo Zhi Xia-

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