BoA making her mark

NY1 recently interviewed BoA and Allkpop has the news. Also, go vote for BoA on the NY1 poll over whether she’ll be a star in the US, and check out their profile on her.

The interview is below.

To my extreme pride, her English has gotten distinctely and noticably better:)


2 PM “Comeback”


One of JYP’s two new boybands, 2 PM, is set to make a comeback in April(after releasing, what, a couple songs a few months back? Comeback implies that there’s something to come back from). 2 PM focuses on rapping and dancing as opposed to the other group 2 AMΒ  who focus on singing apparently.

Single “Only You”


BoA’s English debut, Wheesung’s Fading Star

I like this vid a lot. I mean, it’s yet another cliche(Asian artists excel so greatly at this, I swear every time I think they’ve run through every conceivable romantic cliche, they add another to the list) but as usual, it’s a compellingly-made vision of the cliche.Β  I’m not familiar with Wheesung by judging by this video that’s obviously a mistake. Hyori Lee costars in a famous persona role(what a stretch! Julia Roberts in Notting Hill, anyone?) and does her usual beautiful thing. My only quibble is with the ending – as the person who posted the video pointed out (grin) it’s really completely unnecessary and I don’t like it at all. There are too many dark messages being sent to today’s youth. 😦

Meanwhile BoA’s USA MV/song debut is (thank God!!) her Korean version – after a test trial her idiotic managers finally listened to the universal preference to her Korean one over her American one, so her USA debut consists of this smokingly hot song and vid. Seriously – this is one of the most addictingly hot videos I’ve ever seen. More on that later, but it showcases BoA’s best assets and reminds us all just how fiery her talent is. BoA may be a pop star, but she’s like the young Britney Spears – whatever the cliches and fame surrounding her, she’s genuinely talented. Born to be a star.Her vid is punk-ass, rebellious, and immensely hot, and the song is the latter one at least. Judging by its Itunes rating, America likes it πŸ™‚

Misc. late updates: Rain’s Love Story teaser, BoA’s Eat You Up

Bi Rain, he of the “baby face and killer bod” and ridiculously world-wide domination, is coming out with another MV, a single from his fifth album which is due out soon.

Here’s the teaser…and yes, nothing has changed. Rain is still one of the sexiest human beings alive.

Meanwhile BoA released the full version of her US single Eat You Up, which is catchy and hot but a bit…overstrained perhaps.

Epik High and DBSK’s new MVs; plus, Miss No Good v. Invincible Shan Bao Mei

I love Epik High. Not quite as much as Big Bang, but they’re certainly one of the most talented(read, actually talented) groups to come out of Korea.

Love Scream teaser-

They certainly seem to like pairing domestic/home scenes with very messed up people…oh kpop. How we love you and your endless cliches.

Then there’s DBSK’s MV for their new song “Mirotic”; I’m a bit underwhelmed by the actual song itself but the MV is highly compelling and everything that is technically suave and cool.

And, in drama news, Rainie Yang’s new drama Miss No Good is horrible beyond all reason – poor plot, cliched dialogue, over-cutesy(again!!) character for Rainie, and in general a stunningly unimaginative premise(did I mention both the main actors are possessed of wooden acting skills and not particularly good looks?), while Invincible Shan Bao Mei, also known as Woody Sambo, on the other hand, Nicholas Teo’s new drama, is addicting, fun, and well-written, with a very strong premise and much better characterization. Watch Invincible instead of MNG. You won’t regret it. The first two episodes are out on Mysoju.

FT Island…consider me an official convert

This is what really converted me, though I’ve been flirting with them for a while now –

Which was forthwith cemented by a good listen to their newest album, the lovely (and unusually imaginatively titled) Colorful Sensibility, which can be downloaded here.

They’re pretty-

and their music is, to my surprise, quite decent – easy on the ears with strong vocals and genuine musical authenticity. I suggest FTIslandluv for further exploration/downloads.

What: Korean rock balland band FT Island(the FT stands for Five Treasure), who have been making pop/pop-rock hits since 2007. Wikipedia page

Who: 5 members-

Lee Hongki (Lead Vocal)
Lee Jaejin (Bass)
Oh Wonbin (Guitar, Soft Vocal & Rap)
Choi Jonghun (Guitar & Keyboard)
Choi Minhwan

Why: good, addicting music, pretty faces, umm, what else do you need?

Colorful Sensibility Tracklist:

  1. μ‚¬λž‘ν›„μ•  (θ­ƒηˆ±) (Lying Love)
  2. μ—¬μžλŠ” λͺ°λΌ (Girls Don’t Know)
  3. κ·ΈλŒ€λŠ” μ‚¬λž‘μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€ (You Are Love)
  4. Love Is
  5. λ©‹μŸμ΄ vs 예쁜이 (FT vs PRI) (The Cool vs The Pretty)
  6. μ™Έμ›Œλ‘κΈ° (Memorize)
  7. λ―Έμ›Œν•˜κ³  μ›λ§ν•˜κ³  (Hate And Resentment)
  8. 1λΆ„ 1μ΄ˆλ„ (Even For One Minute And One Second)
  9. μ‚¬λž‘ν•˜μ§€λ§ˆμš” (Please Don’t Love Me)
  10. μ‚¬λž‘μ΄λΌ λΆ€λ₯΄λŠ” 이름 (A Name Called Love)
  11. Troublemaker
  12. Train


Smash is among the two most recent boybands to emerge from Korea’s seemingly limitless ranks,Β  andd, my verdict is, surprisingly, that I actually like them. They’re not exactly rocking in talent but their moves are sharp and well-practiced and the song itself ain’t half-bad.Β  Judge for yourself.