Yesterday, while procrastinating over paper-writing, I decided to give Windows Movie Maker a shot, and here are the results – the first two fan MVs I’ve ever made. I can’t say they’re great but they were fun to make. I plan on periodically continuing the attempt so if you want to subscribe just click on the video to go to Youtube.

A mix of American and Asian television.

Note: This one’s HIGHLY spoilerish for Proposal Daisakusen, especially the final parts, so I definitely recommend skipping it if you haven’t seen PD, otherwise you’ll see all the best parts 😦


Jandi/Ji-Hoo Music Vid, + “Thank You” by Kim Hyun Joong

Lovely Ji-Hoo/Jandi vid.

I really like this song, and I’m glad to see that Kim Hyun Joong can actually sing; he hits those high notes effortlessly, and the song itself is highly confident musically.

Download vid

Download mp3(right-click)