Big Bang Haru Haru part 2 released!

I’m disappointed, overall – there’s not much creativity/new stuff in this second part – basically a rehash(with scenes from) the first part with clips of the band singing in a room added.

More fun is a hilarious(and cute! they’re such dorks!) behind the scenes MV…

English subbed for when Big Bang members talk(ignore the annoying lady – I swear – do they pick the blonde-voiced girls to be entertainment commentators? I can’t blame stars sometimes for picking poor love partners – they’re always being hovered over by idiots like this one)


K-hop: Big Bang

I know I’m supposed to post mostly on dramas, but every now and then I can’t resist a brief foray into Asian entertainment – this time it’s Korean hip-hop group Big Bang that has caught my interest, specifically their excellent new music video(and song) Haru Haru(Day by Day)-