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BoA to debut in U.S. market

“Singer BoA has announced her plans to enter the U.S. music market.

BoA’s management agency SM Entertainment said BoA will make her debut and officially release an album in the United States.

BoA will hold a press conference under the slogan “Best of Asia, Bring on America!” at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul on September 10. She will discuss how she has been preparing to make her debut in the U.S. as well as her future plans. The slogan “Best of Asia, Bring on America” was inspired by BoA’s initials.

Prior to the press conference, SM Entertainment announced its plans to establish a branch office in the United States.”

credit to KBS Global

Here is the English version of BoA’s teaser. I actually think it might work, simply because it’s a good mix of what Americans look for/are used to in the pop/hip-hop crowd plus a bit of exotic Asian flair.  I would be the absolute last to deny that BoA is definitely musically talented, whatever her pop-princess image. Plus, I think it’s high time our insular music, entertainment, and world in general realized that there’s actually a bigger world out there.

and, amid much fan rejoicing, everyone’s favorite royal couple from Goong, Yoon Eun-Hye and Joo Ji-Hoon, are almost certainly working together in new drama Personal Taste from MBC.

One rep from the drama side explained that the production company is nearly finished with its casting and contract issues, and put the likelihood of a Yoon-Joo match-up as “very high.”


“The plot: A restless girl wants a gay (male) friend, ’cause fag hags are cool. The guy wants a place to live, so he pretends to be gay as they live together.

In an interesting genre pair-up, we have the director of the jokey rom-com Fantasy Couple (Kim Sang-ho) and the writer of the weepie Sad Sonata (Lee Sung-eun) working together.”

credit to andrea_ceril at Livejournal