Drama ratings

Dramas(in alphabetical order):

Corner with Love-3.5/5 -would be 4/5 but for the ending

Devil Beside You-4.5/5

Hana Kimi-3.5/5

Love Storm-3/3


Meteor Garden-4/5

My Lucky Star-3.5/5

Romantic Princess-2/5

Silence -4.5/5

Smiling Pasta – 3.5/5

Sweet Relationship-4/5

Why Why Love-4/5

Full House-5/5

Goong(Princess Hours)-5/5

My Girl-4.5/5


The First Shop of Coffee Prince-5/5

Hana Yori Dango -4.5/5

Hana Yori Dango 2 – 4/5

Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi e – 4/5

Proposal Daisakusen-4/5

Nodame Cantabile-3/5



Daddy Long Legs – 2.5/5 – highly anticlimactic ending and confusing plot

Linger-1.5/5 – melodrama in its worst form. Avoid.

Secret-5/5 – beautiful, lyrical little film that hits all the right notes(literally).

The Art of Seduction – 2/5 – this was supposed to be a charming, witty, upbeat love story. It turned sour halfway through.

Virgin Snow-3/5 – decent romance with beautiful cinematography and good acting. Nothing in particular makes it standout however.

Opinions(these are unfinished dramas which I saw enough of to have an opinion about):

Gourmet-ugh. Food is just not my thing as the central theme of a drama, and thus I found it highly boring. However, there was nothing terribly wrong with it and I hear it picks up later on in the drama.

Hotelier – hotel management is not really my thing either, but its main problems are those that tend to be suffered by all older dramas – slow pacing, poor production values, etc. Also, it’s a little too self-conscious of its own theme – I mean, they even play classical music as the soundtrack to the first episode.

Miss No Good – utter crap. I gave up literally 15 minutes into this drama. ToGetHer and Miss No Good showcase Rainie Yang’s two extremes as far as her roles go – subtle, nuanced delicacy and over-the-top, overtly showy expressionnism – and Miss No Good unfortunately encases the latter. Also, I didn’t like the male leads, and in general it just seemed to be lacking in heart


3 Responses

  1. boys before flowers……..
    Wow…….GOOD ^_^
    g0 Boys Before Flowers……….

  2. I gotta agree with you Miss No Good was utterly horrible. I’m a big fan of Rainie Yang but she over acted and it was just BAD.

  3. H¡dUp BbF…….
    Iw@W…..kU3r3N b4N9eT f¡lMx……
    LuPh U F4……
    KpN n¡Eh K INDONESIA ???
    Bl3zT d wuthik4mpret@ovi.com, J9n Cm4 d bWt hYs@n Do4nK y0uWh……

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