Drama Music

Many doramas have original scores/soundtracks from highly talented Asian musicians, and most also feature songs by popular bands(some of whom write themes specifically for the drama) or songs from the actors/actresses starring in the drama, who often have another career as a musician. These soundtracks are in hot demand in direct proportion to how successful the drama is or how popular the musician is. As you begin to watch dramas, you will hear amazing music and amazing songs which you will want immediately – I guarantee it – so to help in that quest-

Asianosts.cjb.net – download full albums
Amped Asia (note: you must register and make 15 posts before gaining access to the media section)

Single songs/radio/music discovery:
4shared.com – many single songs can be found through the search option. I also like that you can listen to the songs before downloading them.
Visualazn.net – free downloads, videos, and features
LastFM – online or downloadable radio, type in any asian artist to discover new music similar to your favorites
Kreahcraze – lots of lyrics
DLParadise – subtitled MV’s and albums of many artists can be found here


3 Responses

  1. thanks for link to download drama music..
    it it very usefull to me… ^^

  2. waaa… it’s cool post..
    let,s to download the music…

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