Momo(Rainie Yang) has shut herself off from the world ever since childhood. She is so quiet and reserved that it borders on agoraphobia, or fear of strangers – and her world is full of strangers, because her only friends are her sister and her childhood friend Jia Sen(George Hu). Momo centers all of her shut-off dreams and love into a manga character, Prince Kasaba. But all that changes when Zhuang Jun Nan(Jiro Wang), better known as Mars, an immensely popular idol star, enters her world.  Mars has abruptly lost all his popularity and been disowned by his company, so when his manager is looking for a place for him to stay he ends up renting a room from Momo. When the two collide – the contained yet proud and stubborn Momo and the loudmouthed, brash, kind-hearted Mars – strange things begin to happen, and Momo begins to wonder…could Prince Kasaba exist in real life?

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To Get Her Episode 11 Synopsis+Screencaps


You know, To Get Her is the first drama to really show off how ethereally gorgeous Rainie Yang is. She’s always portrayed such vivid and loudmouthed and energetic characters that the focus has always been on how cutesy she is. But she’s older now and her role as Momo is one completely made up of quiet and containment and slow, graceful movements and facial nuances, and she’s really quite stunning. She’s not only showing a new, fantastic subtlety in her acting(something none of her other roles gave her the opportunity to consistently do) but her short haircust and reserved character bring the focus more to her features, which I’m beginning to realize have an ethereal, stunning beauty.

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To Get Her Episode 8


I finally started watching the adorable Taiwanese drama To Get Her again, and I’m thinking about doing a series of episode synopses on it. Here’s the first.

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