News bites: Son Dambi in an American film, Winter Sonata film, Lee Hong Gi, Big Bang’s new single

Have begun Hana Yori Dango 2 and even though it repeats certain themes from HyD1 and the character they give Makino kind of annoys me, it is adorable beyond words and bringing me much joy.

Meanwhile Son Dambi has been cast in a $25 million Paramount hip-hop dance film. Hugely popular Korean dramas Winter Sonata and Autumn in my Heart are being made into films by Culture Cap Media, although no casting has been announced yet. FT Island‘s (!!!) Lee Hong Gi has been cast in a drama called Master of Study, which will compete with not just the currently-running and hugely popular East of Eden but also the new Boys Over Flowers(previously adapted as Meteor Garden by Taiwan and Hana Yori Dango by Japan) which will start running in December.

Meanwhile Song Hye Kyo continues the trend of Asian stars losing all sense of fashion as soon as they step onto the international/western stage –

Here she is at the debut of her Korean-American film Make Yourself at Home at the Pusan International Film Festival. *shakes head in despair* She’s one of the most elegantly beautiful and exotic women to come out of Asia. Why must she show up looking like an average pretty woman?

And while the world’s waiting around for Rain to pull his act together and put out his fifth album, check out Big Bang‘s title track, Number 1, for their Japanese album to be released October 22. AND, to my surprise and utter delight, they sing it entirely in English!! The MV is mediocre but the song displays their trademark strong beats and sexy lyrics(rather too raunchy for my taste, but I’ll put up with it out of love for them)

Note to self: they are exponentially hotter for singing in a language I can actually understand. COME to America, BB! You know you want to.


Son Dambi, a fairly new Korean singer, made quite a stir a while back with her risque(by Korean standards anyway) song/MV “Bad Boy”(download the song here), and now she’s back with a new song/MV and a revamped image that screams clean-cut, sensitive, serious-musician syndrome. Surprisingly, she pulls it off fairly well, although her vocals(never impressive, it was her booty which made the biggest impression in Bad Boy) are so feathery light they never really go much of anywhere. Still, the song itself, Invisible Person, is wistful and pleasing, as is the MV. Kudos to her.

You can download it here.

Here is the old MV/Son Dambi – is it just me, or is she barely even recognizable?

I’d like to hope that she actually has seen the error of her ways and her new video is, really, the new Dambi – sadly, I’m too cynical.