BoA making her mark

NY1 recently interviewed BoA and Allkpop has the news. Also, go vote for BoA on the NY1 poll over whether she’ll be a star in the US, and check out their profile on her.

The interview is below.

To my extreme pride, her English has gotten distinctely and noticably better:)


Newsbites: BoA, SeungRi and Kim Bum

A preview of BoA’s first song on her American debut album set to come out March 17th came out – “I Did It for Love”, featuring and written and produced by Sean Garrett who wrote and produced songs like User’s “Yeah!” and Chris Brown’s “Run it”. It’s not great – it’s very stereotypical American pop in my opinion – but it’s not terrible either.

Meanwhile SeungRi of Big Bang and Kim Bum of Boys Over Flowers(mm, the deliciousness!) are set to be in a movie together

Oh yes, and girl group After School premiered their debut video Ah MV, featuring Marco. They come from Son Dambi’s entertainment group, Pledis Entertainment, and are (apparently?) modelled after the Pussycat Dolls(!) and want to show everyone a different kind of girl group…by which I assume they mean they’re going to try to follow Dambi’s more hard-edged/overtly sexy musical style, as opposed to the pop-ish/cute/girly style of many other girl groups like the Wonder Girls.

Surprisingly, I don’t hate it. The lead girl in particular seems to have some strong vocals going for her. But I”m withholding judgement until I see more from them.

Se7en and BoA: a Real American Debut!

Looks like Se7en, after two years of rumours and delays(in which we saw him most of the time sitting around LA looking bored), and BoA, after one year of the same, are both finally going to release an actual US album.

Se7en will release his on Valentine’s Day according to his record company YG Entertainment – “We will first release Se7en’s single album as a digital single. We are working at releasing it on 14th February which is also Valentines’ Day.” His debut song is called “Girlz” (highly original Se7en. highly original)

More info here

BoA’s first American album, meanwhile, comes out March 17 headed by the single “I Did It for Love”. Her previously released(and I gotta admit, highly catchy) single “Eat You Up” has been climbing U.S. Billboards slowly but surely, now in the top 10 ranks at #8 position on the ‘Hot Dance Club Play’ chart for February 7th.

BoA’s English debut, Wheesung’s Fading Star

I like this vid a lot. I mean, it’s yet another cliche(Asian artists excel so greatly at this, I swear every time I think they’ve run through every conceivable romantic cliche, they add another to the list) but as usual, it’s a compellingly-made vision of the cliche.  I’m not familiar with Wheesung by judging by this video that’s obviously a mistake. Hyori Lee costars in a famous persona role(what a stretch! Julia Roberts in Notting Hill, anyone?) and does her usual beautiful thing. My only quibble is with the ending – as the person who posted the video pointed out (grin) it’s really completely unnecessary and I don’t like it at all. There are too many dark messages being sent to today’s youth. 😦

Meanwhile BoA’s USA MV/song debut is (thank God!!) her Korean version – after a test trial her idiotic managers finally listened to the universal preference to her Korean one over her American one, so her USA debut consists of this smokingly hot song and vid. Seriously – this is one of the most addictingly hot videos I’ve ever seen. More on that later, but it showcases BoA’s best assets and reminds us all just how fiery her talent is. BoA may be a pop star, but she’s like the young Britney Spears – whatever the cliches and fame surrounding her, she’s genuinely talented. Born to be a star.Her vid is punk-ass, rebellious, and immensely hot, and the song is the latter one at least. Judging by its Itunes rating, America likes it 🙂

Misc. late updates: Rain’s Love Story teaser, BoA’s Eat You Up

Bi Rain, he of the “baby face and killer bod” and ridiculously world-wide domination, is coming out with another MV, a single from his fifth album which is due out soon.

Here’s the teaser…and yes, nothing has changed. Rain is still one of the sexiest human beings alive.

Meanwhile BoA released the full version of her US single Eat You Up, which is catchy and hot but a bit…overstrained perhaps.

In the News lately

BoA to debut in U.S. market

“Singer BoA has announced her plans to enter the U.S. music market.

BoA’s management agency SM Entertainment said BoA will make her debut and officially release an album in the United States.

BoA will hold a press conference under the slogan “Best of Asia, Bring on America!” at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul on September 10. She will discuss how she has been preparing to make her debut in the U.S. as well as her future plans. The slogan “Best of Asia, Bring on America” was inspired by BoA’s initials.

Prior to the press conference, SM Entertainment announced its plans to establish a branch office in the United States.”

credit to KBS Global

Here is the English version of BoA’s teaser. I actually think it might work, simply because it’s a good mix of what Americans look for/are used to in the pop/hip-hop crowd plus a bit of exotic Asian flair.  I would be the absolute last to deny that BoA is definitely musically talented, whatever her pop-princess image. Plus, I think it’s high time our insular music, entertainment, and world in general realized that there’s actually a bigger world out there.

and, amid much fan rejoicing, everyone’s favorite royal couple from Goong, Yoon Eun-Hye and Joo Ji-Hoon, are almost certainly working together in new drama Personal Taste from MBC.

One rep from the drama side explained that the production company is nearly finished with its casting and contract issues, and put the likelihood of a Yoon-Joo match-up as “very high.”


“The plot: A restless girl wants a gay (male) friend, ’cause fag hags are cool. The guy wants a place to live, so he pretends to be gay as they live together.

In an interesting genre pair-up, we have the director of the jokey rom-com Fantasy Couple (Kim Sang-ho) and the writer of the weepie Sad Sonata (Lee Sung-eun) working together.”

credit to andrea_ceril at Livejournal