TOP and Hyun Joong Special Stage MBC University Song Festival

This is seriously hot beyond reason. They have very different musical styles so I’m not 100% certain the mix-up works, though it’s certainly interesting, but ultimately I don’t really care – that much attractiveness on stage is worth anything ๐Ÿ™‚


Star Bites: Goo Hye Sun, Rain, Epik High, Big Bang, Kim Hyun Joong..

Roenal kindly commented and sent me a link to another lovely BOF music video, but embedding is disabled, so I’m just linking to it here (the song is almost eerily appropriate).

Billasub, a new music video/drama subbing group, is looking for translators; she’s collaborating with Jcjjica to sub To Get Her, which I’m quite excited about, and I’ve volunteered to be blog manager for Jcjjica so we’ll see if that works out.

I haven’t had a chance to watch Boys Before Flowers 16 yet , but you can download Episode 16 at Arashi.Vox(Youtube & Veoh links also) or at Aja-aja as usual.

Entertainment Bites:

Goo Hye Sun of Boys Over Flowers and SeungRi of Big Bang to perform Duet together – how…random. I suppose I’m excited to see the actress from a drama I’m very much enjoying and a member of my favorite Korean band performing together however

Epik High‘s new album comes out in March, and Se7en makes his American debut(*hollow laugh* I’m not even excited anymore. There’s only so many times a debut can be announced and then retracted before it just becomes stale) with a teaser clip on March 4th and the full “Girls” MV March 10.

Rain releases “Recollection”, a repackage of his 5th album “Rainism”, on March 5

Those under 19th won’t be allowed to purchase Big Bang‘s 2nd album Remember, due to the suggestive lyrics of Seung Ri’s solo “Strong Baby” – also known as, why I’m glad I don’t live in Korea

And, in Kim Hyun Joong news(mm!) from least to most important:

– his new hairstyle on BOF hot topic

-he went to a DBSK concert to support his friend Jaejoong

-he is to further his studies in America!!! While I’m slightly disappointed to see he’s only coming for 6 months, I’m still excited for him to learn English so he can meet me and fall madly in love and it’s most likely that he’d come to Los Angeles, which is where I live.

-he won the popularity award!! Lee Min-Ho got the newcomer award at the 45th Baek Sang Arts Awards yesterday, but Kim Hyun Joong displaced him for popularity award for male artistes in the TV category

K-Bites has red-carpet photos of him and the other F4 members(it’s almost eerie seeing them in real life, because they project the same image of charisma, togetherness, and sheer good looks in real life as they do in the drama) at the Arts Awards.

Hanfever has the complete list of winners as well as more photos(other highlights included So Ji-Sub winning Best Newcomer Award along with Kang Ji Hwan).

Big Bang+MBC Music Festival

Also, in music highlights,, Big Bang came out with their vid for Seung Ri’s “Strong Baby” –

I must admit I shed a (metaphorical) tear or two while watching this video. Big Bang, Big Bang. Sell your music, not sex! You’re plenty talented and popular enough not to have to rely on this/go down this route. Was also slightly shocked as Korea tends toward the conservative side of things (though of course much less so in its music industry, in which they try and imitate the US as much as possible) and – wow. Even in American music videos I very rarely see an actual bed scene. *mourns* That was just – unnecessary.

On a side note however – G-Dragon continues to astonish me with his hotness, and I liked the pairing of him with Seung-Ri, and the “brahthaa!” thing was adorable. ๐Ÿ™‚

And, at the December 31st MBC Music Festival(aslo known as MBC Gayo Daejun) WonderBang was as rockingly amazing as expected and lit up my world; I don’t know much about the Wonder Girls beyond the fact that they’re probably the most popular Korean girl-band right now, but I loved their juxtaposition with Big Bang as, at least for me, the girls cuteness/girlpower/fluffiness only showed off how sexy/talented/hard-edged BB is. Plus, I’ve got to admit – the Girls can actually sing – always a relief.

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Big Bang’s G-Dragon, DBSK’s Jaejoong, and Fly to the Sky

I know I said I was going on hiatus, but I couldn’t resist this.

G-Dragon to release Solo Album in April!! yesss! My favorite member of my favorite Korean band releases his own album! Plus, I was wondering when it was coming -Tae Yang and Seung Ri have already debuted their solo careers, it could only be a matter of time until their leader did so as well.

Also, Hero Jaejoong of DBSK/TVXQ – this guy-

will be appearing with Park Shin Hye in upcoming singer TaeGoon’s debut music video(apparently they were childhood friends)

Teaser(mm! I like it):

And last but not least, Fly to the Sky(Brian Joooooo!!) is finally back!

Star’s Lover, Innocent You and the MKMF

Star’s Lover began airing earlier this month and you can now watch it on mysoju. It stars Choi Ji Woo as Lee Ma Ri, a famous actress(what a stretch) and Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Chul Soo, and, unusually, is a joint Japan-Korea production. While its ratings are still in single-digit region, those who are watching it are apparently loving it.


Lee Ma Ri is a famous actress that is actively pursued by four men. The four men come from different backgrounds and have different aspirations. One is a literature graduate student who dreams of becoming a writer (Yoo Ji Tae), another is a famous photographer (Choi Phillip), the third is the heir to a major chaebol family (Ki Tae Young), and the last man chasing after Ma Ri is a young executive who works at a media corporation (Lee Ki Woo).

Title: ์Šคํƒ€์˜ ์—ฐ์ธ / Starโ€™s Lover
Also known as: Celebrityโ€™s Sweetheart
Previously known as: ์˜ค! ๋‚˜์˜ ์—ฌ์‹ ๋‹˜ / Oh! My Goddess
Chinese title : ๆ˜Žๆ˜Ÿ็š„ๆ‹ไบบ
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2008-Dec-10 to 2009-Jan-29
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55

Innocent You, meanwhile, looks appealling, mostly for its stars, as the plot sounds too convoluted for me. It began airing on the 22nd and no-one’s posted it with English subs yet(as far as I know).

Meanwhile Coolsmurf has the scoop on the November 2008 Mnet Korean Music Festival, with the winner highlights being:

Artist of the Year – Big Bang (Haru Haru)
Song of the Year – Wonder Girls (Nobody)
Album of the Year – DBSK (Mirotic)

Best Female Singer – Lee Hyori (U-Go-Girl)

Best Male Group – Big Bang (Haru Haru)
Best Female Group – Wonder Girls (Nobody)

Best Hip-Hop – Epik High (One)
Best Ballad/R&B – Brown Eyes (Donโ€™t Go, Donโ€™t Go)

My beloved Big Bang not only won everything they should have but also looked just as rockingly hot as usual ๐Ÿ™‚


Big Bang peformed joint stage with both Lee Hyori and the Wonder Girls, respectively.

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Eyecandy Sunday

Featured this time: G-Dragon, leader and main writer and rapper of Korean hip-hop group Big Bang.

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News bites: Son Dambi in an American film, Winter Sonata film, Lee Hong Gi, Big Bang’s new single

Have begun Hana Yori Dango 2 and even though it repeats certain themes from HyD1 and the character they give Makino kind of annoys me, it is adorable beyond words and bringing me much joy.

Meanwhile Son Dambi has been cast in a $25 million Paramount hip-hop dance film. Hugely popular Korean dramas Winter Sonata and Autumn in my Heart are being made into films by Culture Cap Media, although no casting has been announced yet. FT Island‘s (!!!) Lee Hong Gi has been cast in a drama called Master of Study, which will compete with not just the currently-running and hugely popular East of Eden but also the new Boys Over Flowers(previously adapted as Meteor Garden by Taiwan and Hana Yori Dango by Japan) which will start running in December.

Meanwhile Song Hye Kyo continues the trend of Asian stars losing all sense of fashion as soon as they step onto the international/western stage –

Here she is at the debut of her Korean-American film Make Yourself at Home at the Pusan International Film Festival. *shakes head in despair* She’s one of the most elegantly beautiful and exotic women to come out of Asia. Why must she show up looking like an average pretty woman?

And while the world’s waiting around for Rain to pull his act together and put out his fifth album, check out Big Bang‘s title track, Number 1, for their Japanese album to be released October 22. AND, to my surprise and utter delight, they sing it entirely in English!! The MV is mediocre but the song displays their trademark strong beats and sexy lyrics(rather too raunchy for my taste, but I’ll put up with it out of love for them)

Note to self: they are exponentially hotter for singing in a language I can actually understand. COME to America, BB! You know you want to.