Kamenashi Kazuya-“Kizuna”

One of my favorite performances/songs of all time, from one of the more popular members of powerhouse Jpop group Kat-Tun. Kame is hot:)

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BoA making her mark

NY1 recently interviewed BoA and Allkpop has the news. Also, go vote for BoA on the NY1 poll over whether she’ll be a star in the US, and check out their profile on her.

The interview is below.

To my extreme pride, her English has gotten distinctely and noticably better:)

Hyun Joong and Lee Seung Ki: New Singles

Hyun Joong has released the teaser for his solo song/upcoming MV, and I must say I’m quite amused by it.

I mean, we all know I love KHJ passionately, but I’m quite entertained by he how seems to have amped up the sexy/hard-ass side ever since BOF, as if he’s playing the two-edged sword of allowing himself to be more in the spotlight/play up more obviously the sex-god side of himself because of the popularity from BOF, while simultaneously rejecting that role by being in every way the opposite of his sensitive, reserved, clean-cut BOF character.

The song is just as catchy as SS501’s usually are, however, with that lovely forward driving beat I really love about them.

And, in almost more exciting news, my recent Shining Inheritance love, star Lee Seung Ki, has released his first single in over a year(yes, he has a legitimate career as a singer aside from his new-ish acting career). And I quite like it, though it’s not written by him so I’m not quite sure what that counts for.

Fahrenheit – Stay With Me(Liu Xia Lai) MV+mp3

SE3ST0R F4NSUB5 came out with the English sub of Fahrenheit’s “Stay with Me”.

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Song of the Day-Lee Jun Ki- “One World”

lee jun ki

Lee Junki is not only gorgeous and one of the top Korean actors but he’s also got quite a decent singing voice. It’s not fair:(


SS501-Find MV

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Show Luo – Hot Shot theme MV

Show Luo’s amazing music video for the theme song of his drama Hot Shot. This type isn’t usually to my taste, but I love Show so much that I’m interested to see any direction he goes in, and this is certainly a new one.

He was compared to both Usher and Michael Jackson in this vid 🙂