I’m sorry, dear readers and friends, but real life is placing demands on me that require all my attention, so I’m going on hiatus(a blogging break) for at least the rest of July, probably more depending on how things work out. Stay well, and stay in love with Asian entertainment!

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Boys Before Flowers Music Videos

To assuage my need while waiting for the newest episodes to come out, I went and scoured Youtube for good BBF vids. These are what I found(mostly Jandi/Ji-Hoo)

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Miscellania: Boys Before Flowers, Coolsmurf, new drama-download site

Boys Before Flowers episodes 11 and 12 came out!! Downloading now(from here, if anyone’s interested). I already spoiled myself by reading the Dramabeans summary, but having seen this story adapted twice already(Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango) there’s only so much I can be spoiled about anyway. What I’m really looking/waiting for, I must admit, is the Ga-Eul/Yi Jung storyline.

In other news, I note that Coolsmurf, one of only 5 Asian entertainment bloggers I read regularly, is abandoning his independent blog and moving over to entertainment site Alkpop…which I would be happier for him about IF my opinion of Alkpop did not have an inverse relationship to their vulgarity/nastiness level(high). See Dramaworld About for why I listed them as a link once and now do not. If anyone has any recommendations for bloggers to replace Coolsmurf, let me know, although I must admit I’ve kept on eye on Alkpop over the past few days since the announcement came and for now at least most of the articles are being written by Coolsmurf…which means a sharp upward climb in quality. I can’t even recognize Alkpop for its gut-level sarcasm any more! Which means I may be re-adding Alkpop if this continues. For now, see his article on Kim So Eun preferring Jun-pyo over Yi Jung.

As a blogger goes, however, a new drama-downloading site enters on Dramaworld; I discovered Jiwang the other day, a Malaysian entertainment site which has many dramas to download and is very easy to use; all you have to do is register to gain access and the files are offered as direct downloads in often several different formats from different servers. I’ll be adding it to the Drama Guide.

Song of the Day:

K One – If There Is No Tomorrow


Big Bang+MBC Music Festival

Also, in music highlights,, Big Bang came out with their vid for Seung Ri’s “Strong Baby” –

I must admit I shed a (metaphorical) tear or two while watching this video. Big Bang, Big Bang. Sell your music, not sex! You’re plenty talented and popular enough not to have to rely on this/go down this route. Was also slightly shocked as Korea tends toward the conservative side of things (though of course much less so in its music industry, in which they try and imitate the US as much as possible) and – wow. Even in American music videos I very rarely see an actual bed scene. *mourns* That was just – unnecessary.

On a side note however – G-Dragon continues to astonish me with his hotness, and I liked the pairing of him with Seung-Ri, and the “brahthaa!” thing was adorable. 🙂

And, at the December 31st MBC Music Festival(aslo known as MBC Gayo Daejun) WonderBang was as rockingly amazing as expected and lit up my world; I don’t know much about the Wonder Girls beyond the fact that they’re probably the most popular Korean girl-band right now, but I loved their juxtaposition with Big Bang as, at least for me, the girls cuteness/girlpower/fluffiness only showed off how sexy/talented/hard-edged BB is. Plus, I’ve got to admit – the Girls can actually sing – always a relief.

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I’m taking a hiatus for the next few weeks/month. Mad cramming for school.

New drama -watching site

Dramafever has come up!!! It’s still open to only previously registered users, of course, but as I happen to be one of those lucky ones…:)

List of dramas they have so far(it’s short but sweet):

Coffee Prince

Couple or Trouble

Dr. Kkang



La Dolce Vita

My Lovely Sam-Soon

New Heart

Thank You

White Tower

To be added soon: H.I. T, I Really Really Like You, Last Scandal, Que Sera Sera, Yi San

Meanwhile Kimchisoju covers The year that was: The Korean entertainment industry in 2008