Boys Before Flowers episode 18

Episode 18 continues the same trend of messiness prevalent in the plot and writing of the last few episodes: it’s as if the writer, Yoon Ji Ryun, is trying to imitate the dysfunction of the main character, Junpyo, in her writing, in a sick version of structure reflecting content.

After the last few episodes, I keep thinking that I’m over being emotionally invested in this drama, and definitely I left the irreversibly-committed boat a few episodes ago and can’t ever make it back, but every time I watch a new episode I’m surprised by how intensely about it I still feel.

However. I’ve never been so bored with the Domyoji character/disgusted at the overall acting/heartbroken over a fairy-tale OTP that will never come true before.

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Boys Before Flowers Episode 15

This was a great episode; definitely had the most depth emotionally, drew the most nuanced acting from Hye Sun, and was just generally an emotional, angsty, fabulous rollercoaster from start to finish. Only it’s getting downright depressing and I don’t like that. 😦 This so far has been my escapist/pretty/don’t get too emotionally involved drama.

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Episode 15 Liveblog: The Flames Flicker

Boys Before Flowers 14 Liveblog

You can download this episode subbed from either ArashiVox(Youtube links also) or from Aja-aja.

The Embers Flicker

Boys Before Flowers Episode 13

Believe it or not, I have been watching this drama, in the midst of midterms, but didn’t get excited enough about it to write about it until episode 13(due to having seen both other adaptations, I remained sufficiently emotionally detached. Around episode 13, however, that ended *sad face*)

By far my favorite episode so far. The first one to simultaneously really make me squee AND tug at my heart-strings. I totally disagree with Dramabeans on this drama so far – my opinions are pretty much the opposite of hers. This one had such delicious themes/moments…

You can download this episode subbed from Aja-aja or’s titled GBN)

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