Hyun Joong and Lee Seung Ki: New Singles

Hyun Joong has released the teaser for his solo song/upcoming MV, and I must say I’m quite amused by it.

I mean, we all know I love KHJ passionately, but I’m quite entertained by he how seems to have amped up the sexy/hard-ass side ever since BOF, as if he’s playing the two-edged sword of allowing himself to be more in the spotlight/play up more obviously the sex-god side of himself because of the popularity from BOF, while simultaneously rejecting that role by being in every way the opposite of his sensitive, reserved, clean-cut BOF character.

The song is just as catchy as SS501’s usually are, however, with that lovely forward driving beat I really love about them.

And, in almost more exciting news, my recent Shining Inheritance love, star Lee Seung Ki, has released his first single in over a year(yes, he has a legitimate career as a singer aside from his new-ish acting career). And I quite like it, though it’s not written by him so I’m not quite sure what that counts for.

Eyecandy: Kim Hyun Joong Part 3

As my obsessive love admiration of Kim Hyun Joong’s stunning, classical good looks never fades, here are some pictures of this beautiful Korean star for you. See Part 1 and Part 2 also.

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Eyecandy: Kim Hyun Joong Part 2

Starting out with an outfit which only the smile saves from being Full-House-reminiscently awful-

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Jandi/Ji-Hoo Music Vid, + “Thank You” by Kim Hyun Joong

Lovely Ji-Hoo/Jandi vid.

I really like this song, and I’m glad to see that Kim Hyun Joong can actually sing; he hits those high notes effortlessly, and the song itself is highly confident musically.

Download vid

Download mp3(right-click)

TOP and Hyun Joong Special Stage MBC University Song Festival

This is seriously hot beyond reason. They have very different musical styles so I’m not 100% certain the mix-up works, though it’s certainly interesting, but ultimately I don’t really care – that much attractiveness on stage is worth anything 🙂

Eyecandy of the Day: Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyung Joon has been semi-famous for a while as member of popular Korean boy-band SS501, but it wasn’t until his role as Ji-Hoo, one of the four “Flower Boys” of Boys Before Flowers, the currently-airing Korean adaptation of Hanadan or Hana Yori Dango, that he shot to fame and became, along with his costar Lee Minho, one of the most recongizable faces of Korean entertainment right now. I personally can’t wait to see him in more dramas/see his career extend. And with a classically-sculpted face, a boyish, incredible smile, and an ability to switch from easy charm to cool reserve in his presentation of himself, he’s not bad to look at either.


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