Misc. late updates: Rain’s Love Story teaser, BoA’s Eat You Up

Bi Rain, he of the “baby face and killer bod” and ridiculously world-wide domination, is coming out with another MV, a single from his fifth album which is due out soon.

Here’s the teaser…and yes, nothing has changed. Rain is still one of the sexiest human beings alive.

Meanwhile BoA released the full version of her US single Eat You Up, which is catchy and hot but a bit…overstrained perhaps.

Bi Rain

Bi Rain is quite possibly one of the most popular celebrities in the world, and certainly the frontman for the Korean/Asian wave that has been sweeping toward the West over the past few years. He has been featured in Time‘s “100 Most Influential People Who Shape our World”, as well as the 2007 edition of People‘s “Most Beautiful People” list.

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A Love to Kill

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