Shining Inheritance Eps 19-20 photos and spoilers

Spoilers and photos of this weekend’s upcoming Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy have been released, and while the (frelling) site won’t let me save or hotlink the photos, Eun Sung’s can be found here(Han Hyo Joo is so my new girl-crush, along with Lee Soo Kyung) and Woo Hwan’s here(Lee Seung Gi gets both cuter and more hot every episode – how is that possible? He’s one of those rare actors – along with Gong Yoo – whose smile transforms his entire face)

Spoilers for episodes 19 and 20 follow

Ep 19

ES is shocked that the step-mother took the share of the life-insurance that was entitled to ES and EW. Seeing that ES isn’t home yet at night, Hwan cannot hide his concern. ES confronts step-mother about the life-insurance, but seeing how the step-mother strongly denies the claim, ES fires back saying that it is all thanks to her that she met grandmother and has the opportunity to receive her inheritance. Step-mother becomes very worried.

Ep 20

ES does not tell her side of the story after step-mother lies to the whole family. ES leaves grandmother’s house for good, and seeing ES in this situation troubles grandmother and Hwan. Hye Ri and Jun Se, who know the truth, suggest that they spill the truth to grandmother and fight the stepmother through the law. However, ES says that it will be no use. ES eventually decides to hand in her resignation paper for her job at the 2nd branch, but grandmother wants her to reach the goal of the store. The step-mother realizes that Hwan, despite all her lies, still deeply trusts ES at heart and is shocked and furious.

Translated by: heesoup @ soompi.


“Hwan still deeply trusts ES at heart” heeee!!! oh, I am so in love with this drama.


11 Responses

  1. aaww i am really really rooting for jun se and Eun sung… but sadly… they wont be together… T_T

  2. I’m a total Hwan/Eun Sung shipper…but I understand those who support Jun Se and Eun Sung:)

  3. what happened to episode 20????? i’m dying to know what happened to hwan and eun sung’s relationship….was it aired in SK already? any korean who can tell??? hehehe

  4. i love eun sung she is very cute
    and lovable i love you eun sung

  5. love U korea……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anyone can give me the link where I can find the complete synopsis of this K-drama?
    thank you in advance 🙂

  7. Han Hyo Joo is one of the beautiful young actresses in Korea today. I hope to see more of her in the future.

  8. This drama is soooo goood, well through what i read so far cause i don’t get to see the drama at all! D; mysoju doesn’t works, broken up those that is not broken has some problems and other websites i’ve searched and tried, doesn’t work at alll!!!! D; all either can’t load, video doesn’t exsist or it got removed because of some blah blah reasons. D: BOOHOO. someone save me.

  9. I think this drama teaches us a very important lesson of human being’s nature. It potrays how evil can we can greed involve in our life. (for seung mi and her mom’s case is Greed for money and love). I truely adore this drama… Really2 good lesson is being taught here. It makes me to see not to judge someone that easily and not to being gullible to listen to any rumors about anyone.. Furthermore, we can see and learn from each of the characters (not just the good character like Eun Seung and Grandma, but also the stepmother and Seung Mi). Yet I find it quite funny when I realize that my fav character in this drama is not Eun Seung or Jun Se but the old Grandma!! LOL

    One of the best drama ever!! Deserve awards for it
    stroryline!! The actors are awesome also for their acts! Both good and evil characters are performed really well by them!!!!!!

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