Quick Shining Inheritance Update

Alright, so Lee Seung Ki may not be the most gorgeous man ever(and I simply can’t get over how young he looks! seriously, he brings a whole new definition to the term “baby face”. The boy barely looks a day over 20. Although upon checking Dramawiki I discover that he is in fact not much over 20, being 22, and that even though Han Hyo Joo looks older than him she is in fact the same age) but he’s got charisma to spare and is having no trouble thus far portraying his spoiled, anger-management-classes-needed character, so I’ll forgive him.

And Han Hyo Joo has pleased me by showing that she can in fact handle angst as well as bubbles – in episode 2, Eun Sung’s life falls spectacularly apart, and only spirals downward through episode 4, and HHJ handles the requisite gradual breakdown/tears/anger/grief just fine, especially in one semi-climactic scene with Ban Hyo Jung(the grandmother, also stellar) in episode 4 in which she finally reaches the end of her tether.

I am pleased also by Bae Soo Bin as Jun Se, the secondary guy, because while he’s an incredibly kind person and mildly good-looking and has a sense of humour, he’s not charismatic or, let’s face it, good-looking enough to really make me invested in the Jun Se/Eun Sung pairing, particularly as, thank God, they only have decent and not amazing chemistry(at least thus far).

I’ve reached episode 5 and things are about to take a sharp turn upwards.

I will attempt to do brief recaps of episodes 2-4 tomorrow probably.


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