My Lucky Star Spoiler Review


“I am conveniently Zhon Wei’s additional son” 🙂

“I need to save this lucky star. Keep it by my side forever and ever”

“For two people who clearly don’t match, how can you say ‘I love you’?”

“I just want one thing that Tian Qi doesn’t have, and I would be very, very satisfied. And that is you”.

“You’ve got more guts than Zhong tian Qi” – Fa Ge

Live-blogging/random thoughts:

Oh God of wonders. She hits him in the one place she knows can hurt him enough to drive him away. “you’re crippled. How can you make my dream come true?”

The balcony scene is ep 16(part 2) is AMAZING beyond reason
The fake proposal in ep 16 is also one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen

Hehe. Zhi Yi is SERIOUSLY hot. Anyone that has mob ties/can handle the mob is super hot in my book. Zhi Yi would never work for Xiao Zhu, however. My heart falters toward him often, just as it did for Baron Chen in Fated to Love You, but with the difference that this time, as many admirable qualities as Zhi Yi has, ultimately I believe Tian Qi to be the better man, and certainly the better match for Xia -. Zhi Yi has a streak of sheer daredevil in him, and almost any challenge is enough to send him over the edge into recklessness deep enough to bet everything he has; life with him, while exciting, would never have the security that Tian Qi could give Xia  – and after 23 years of enduring life’s hard knocks, security is what Xia needs. Zhi Yi can’t offer her the steadiness of a lifetime of committed effort to her; both men gamble recklessly with their lives and what they own for Xia’s sake, but with the difference that Zhi Yi uses it as an excuse, while Tian Qi does it SOLELY for her – every thought of his mind, every plan, every risk he takes, he takes and does solely for her, not because he enjoys it. He is committed to their future as a couple – that’s the goal he’s working toward – an dint his shows a greater maturity than Zhi Yi, who grew up hard and fast in some ways, thus acquiring the dangerous streak that gives him that powerful edge, but in other ways, due to lack of family, never really grew up.

Ep 17: You deserve to suffer, you bastard.

The love that Zhi Ying and his father have for Tian Qi is equally indomitable, but it takes very different forms.

The slight smile, wry smile that curvs Zhi Yi’s lips as he notices that Tian Qi is clutching Xia Xhi’s hand as they lie there uncoscious from the fumes, is amazing.


Vid that I think captures the light-hearted and yet deadly-serious mood of the drama and romance perfectly.

Download OST(credit to pillowbox at Soompi)

2 Responses

  1. I liked this drama a lot. I wish Li Weilian had been in it more, though. I wasn’t as sold on Jimmy Lin’s character…

  2. i really like this drama.. hope i can see tian qi and ah xing in real.. i love you guyz..

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