To Get Her Episode 11 Synopsis+Screencaps


You know, To Get Her is the first drama to really show off how ethereally gorgeous Rainie Yang is. She’s always portrayed such vivid and loudmouthed and energetic characters that the focus has always been on how cutesy she is. But she’s older now and her role as Momo is one completely made up of quiet and containment and slow, graceful movements and facial nuances, and she’s really quite stunning. She’s not only showing a new, fantastic subtlety in her acting(something none of her other roles gave her the opportunity to consistently do) but her short haircust and reserved character bring the focus more to her features, which I’m beginning to realize have an ethereal, stunning beauty.

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Episode 10 flashback:After Momo sends Mars away to pursue his acting career, a year passes. Mars star rises again rapidly and soon he is more popular than ever; Momo, at the music shop where she works, personally moves his new album up and up the shelves until it reaches #1. Momo watches him from afar and is glad at his success, but misses him madly.

Episode 11:One day when Momo goes to visit her parents’ grave, Mars happens to be filming nearby.  Momo sees him but watches from afar, but as she’s leaving Mars catches sight of her. He runs after her and takes her out on a boat on the lake to escape from his fangirls. Momo, desperately fighting her feelings at being around him, is silent and withdrawn and asks to be taken back. “I’m used to being alone”, she tells him angrily, eating alone, reading manga alone, going to be bookstores alone, walking alone. Mars, knowing her well, reaches down and exposes his handkerchief that she wears knotted around her wrist underneath her sleeve, then tells her “You’re lying. If you were used to being alone, you wouldn’t hold onto this…There’s a question you never answered. Have you ever liked me?” he demands. Momo, breaking down, cries at him, “Then you answer me! Why am I always alone?” She’s been alone her whole life and she can’t take it anymore. Mars looks down at her and says, “Trust me. I won’t let you be alone anymore.” Then he kisses her. After this, they begin dancing around each other with tentative phone calls and a dinner date which they keep a secret from everyone around them.  But then, Mars’ mother is diagnosed with cancer and soon after dies unexpectedly. Mars disappears for two weeks and reappaers in Momo’s house. He wakes up when Momo goes in to cover him with a blanket and asks her to stay with him.





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