To Get Her Episode 8


I finally started watching the adorable Taiwanese drama To Get Her again, and I’m thinking about doing a series of episode synopses on it. Here’s the first.

Mars takes Momo to his yearly reunion with his old band, a reunion he’d never allowed anyone else to come to before. There, Yi Zhi lets slip to Momo that Mars had paid her debt, and says she must be someone special to him for him to let her come to the reunion. On the way back, Momo confronts Mars and asks him why he’s so nice to her, why he helps her so much. “Do you really want to know?” Mars asks and when she says yes he kisses her. Jia Sen, however, arriving at that moment with a gift for Momo, storms up and tears them apart. He accuses them of sleeping together and Momo of lying to him, and after Momo’s attempt to pacify him fails he storms out. Momo explains to Mars that Jia Sen is her best friend, her only friend. The next day, Ah Gan and Mars compete in the school’s fitness tests, and Ah Gahn ends up winning, and thinks that as a result he has won Momo. The next day, Jia Sen and Momo are fired because of Jia Sen. Momo and Jia Sen have a big confrontation at school, and after she slaps him, he leaves, terribly hurt, and ends up in the hospital after having a breakdown.




Jia Sen: “I may not be smart, but I know what love is. I want the world to know – I LOVE YOU! Chen Momo, I love you!”


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