Proposal Daisakusen Spoiler Review(in progress)

Lovely MV


“Even though we’ve always been so close to one another, truth is Ken-zou doesn’t understand a thing.”

“The truth is, I once liked Ken-zou. There were times that my mind was full of Ken-zou…therefore I am who I am today.”

“It’s called love because you can’t forget, right?” – Mizio

“The famous Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘I’m not concerned that you have fallen. I’m concerned that you arise.'”

“This…really is the last hallelujah chance!”

“I think it’s because you’re always here for me…that I am who I am today.”

“Of all the people I’ve met, your cowardice and obstinancy towered above the rest. Your feelings towards her…also towered above the rest.”

“So when you have time, you push a taxi?”


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