Boys Before Flowers 23

Download from Arashi-vox(this time I’m linking directly to the file because she has a  huge spoiler in her post right before the link, which I was highly annoyed to have to read before getting to the file). Change the file name from “GBN23.avi.dumb” to “GBN23.avi” so that you can watch the video. Or watch online at Veoh or at Youtube.

I posted a comment in response to the Dramabeans commentary on this episode, and this is essentially what I said-
“It’s very odd because the Makino character is written as a highly spunky, self-sufficient, mentally and emotionally courageous character who doesn’t need anyone else, whether friends or a boyfriend, to get by, but this rendition of her portrays her as almost the exact opposite; she falls apart as soon as Junpyo breaks up with her and doesn’t really get it back together until they’re together again. She doesn’t ever even really stand up to Mama Kang, for heavens sake! Both Junpyo and Jandi are frustratingly and consistently passive however; their relationship is defined and propelled by other people – everything they do, from breaking up to getting back together, is as a result of the efforts of other people, their friends and family. Personally, I find Junpyo’s passivity more widespread and frustrating – Jandi has more reason for it in my opinion – but both are far, FAR too weak in general – I consider them as characters essentially ruined. It’s a pity especially since the manga characters they’re based on are defined by their driving(sometimes even over-done) forcefulness.

I’m all about Jihoo and Jandi in this series
even their reactions to everything show how much better of a man Jihoo is than Junpyo. Jihoo reacts to his grief over Jandi’s absence by throwing himself into work for his grandfather and looking after his grandfather, while Junpyo goes out and starts drinking and toying with girls and eventually ends up arrested. Which is the more mature? Jihoo would be deeply awesome in and of himself – the ultimate best friend/amazing boyfriend material – even without the contrast with Junpyo, but the contrast with Junpyo only highlights even more all of his amazing qualities. He and Jandi have such a warm, deep friendship – so many of their interactions are so Main-Couple/OTP-like. One the one hand, we have Jandi/Jihoo, who frankly have many more scenes together, showing them doing fun, happy, ordinary things and integrating into each other’s world’s perfectly, and on the other hand we have Junpyo and Jandi, out of whom we get a few big splashy scenes(is it must me or is there always fireworks/stars going on around them) and some nice little touches like how they look back at each other as Junpyo leaves their date in this episode – but overall precious little time together and 80% of that time taken up by fighting/bickering/angsting. It’s no wonder, given this and what a disappointment Junpyo’s character is and how awesome they made Ji-Hoo and how much time they spent building up the Jandi/Ji-Hoo relationship, whether friendship or no, that so many of us have gone over to supporting the Jandi/Jihoo pairing”

Lots of caps. And yes, I did cap the Junpyo/Jandi part as it was adorable and I’m not going to miss the chance to cap two gorgeous people in a gorgeous setting, even if I personally am not in love with them.

I’ve said it before – I really do love Goo Hye Sun. It’s just her character I object to.

I can’t even express how happy the Ga-Eul/Yi-Jung interactions in this episode made me. Finally, a romance that’s done right!! GAH, they’re so adorable. I’ve honestly been pretty ambivalent about both up till this point because I thought both were acting rather bad, but this made up for all previously – they have such great chemistry, the dialogue is great, all the little touches are there – MMMMM.

I admired/empathized so much with Ga-Eul in this episode. She’s really the only aweseme female lead int he drama.

I really like how Jandi got this two together. Thought it was a nice rounding-up of that storyline – this picture symbolically cements their relationship, capturing them together forever, and even though I think it’s kind of a cop-out that she performs this service for Ji-Hoo – it seems like a sop since she still refuses to love him – I still like it. It’s better than nothing.

Kim Bum is cute, especially when he’s not being callous or angsty. I prefer him as witty, caring playboy.

Random Kim Hyun Joong hotness-

Has anyone else noticed that these two always stand really close together when they’re walking/together?

Let’s have some more KJH. It’s impossible to overdose, right?

On a more serious note, this whole piano scene and the waterside scene was kind of one long extended goodbye from Jandi to Jihoo, even though he didn’t know it. I also suspect that it’s kind of a goodbye for their relationship in general, that next episode will have them make a clean break in terms of the romance. *sadness* gah!! I really liked it too because to me it was another indication of how well in sync they are – Jihoo may be so caught up in his own problems that he’s not directly noticing that she’s perhaps more subdued than circumstances warrant, but he still sits down and plays the piano to her as he’s done before to comfort her. Fireman doesn’t need to know exactly what’s wrong – something in him unconsciously picks it up anyway.

Goo Hye Sun is SO adorable.

Fairy-tale date:

Minho certainly did beat the gene pool. It’s a pity he’s not my type.

Best setting for a kiss ever.

Junpyo angst. You know, one of the major problems with this show is that there’s no – or very few – big emotional/plot climaxes – Junpyo and Jandi seem to be in a pretty much constant state of angst/misery, with a few periods of increased angst, instead of being normal most of the time and then having some intense highs of happiness and lows of break-up/misery. It’s so repetitive – the only scene that really stands out to me on an emotional level on the negative side is when Junpyo initially breaks up with her and calls her a stain. THAT was very well-handled, but even then I thought that she didn’t fall spectacularly apart as she should have. Instead we got an excruciatingly long period of subdued angst afterward. And even this ep, when they broke up again, it just felt so repetitive – didn’t feel like a climax/epic moment so much as just a continuation of what’s contstantly going on.

On a side note, I thought it was the bloopers during the ending credits were ADORABLE, especially when KHJ’s scarf kept blowing into Kim Bum’s face, and I loved the closeness this shot showed between the boys.


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  1. Which is the best “Boys over Flowers” version for you? The Korean, Taiwanese or Japanese version? Post your answers on the following blog:

  2. i cant download says i need a password

  3. i cant download says i need a password protected

  4. Oh sorry. The password is

  5. hello, do you actually have the links to other eng sub episodes of BOF???

  6. Hi choco, if you had explored around my blog even a little bit you would very rapidly have found the links, but since I guess you couldn’t do that, here they are-'s called GBN on her sight)

    and if you want to watch online, click on the Veoh link I have at the top of this post and you’ll find other episodes under that user name too.

  7. hi thxx very much for the information, i just didn’t get along with the website so… hehe

  8. i cant actually believe that jandi chose jupyo over jihoo after how she suffered with jupyo especially in macau when he called her a stain yes they were perfect together but what about jihoo after all he was always there all the way with a loving hear.

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