Upcoming Taiwanese drama: Quietly Falling in Love with You

One of my readers, Lina, has requested several times that I do a post about Taiwanese actor Ming Dao’s upcoming dramas, so here is the first part of it. Ming Dao’s career first took off in 2005 with the incredibly poular drama The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog with Chen Qiao En. He has three dramas set to come out in 2009/2010. He finished filming Quietly Falling in Love with You, which he stars in with Dylan Kuo of The Outsiders, and is also working on  both Always Smile! and Staying By Sunshine, Staying By You, in the latter of which he will be re-teaming with Chen Qiao En.

First up, Quietly falling in Love with You (note-don’t be confused, there’s apparently a Korean drama with the same name, in fact I heard this one is a remake of the Korean drama, but whatever the case, they’re two separate dramas):


-Also known as  Qiao Qiao Ai Shang Ni

-Currently filming

-Broadcast date: March or April 2009

-Categorized as an “idol drama” because of the presence of Ming Dao and Dylan Kuo

Characters :
Ming Dao – Zhao Guan Xi
Dylan Kuo/Guo Pin Chao – Chen Xue Ge
Wu Ya Xin – Yao Zi Wang
Jiang Yi – Zhao Guan Li
Li Xiao Lu – Tang Qing Wu

Zhao Guan Xi(Ming Dao) is a “playboy” and an attractive but ruthless person. Growing up in a very wealthy family, he’s accustomed to getting whatever he wants. When he falls in love with Yao Zi Wang(Wu Ya Xin), he tries to threaten her family into forcing her to marry him. But Yao Zi Wang is already in love with Chen Xue Ge(Dylan Kuo), a violinist. She closed her heart, rejecting Zhao Guan Xi who forced her into marriage.

Characters’ description(credit: Crunchyroll)

Ming Dao – An entrepreneur, a rich young leader of Taiwan, a cold-hearted playboy. He has a lot of power and influence in the business world. When he fell in love with the main female lead, he used forceful and tough means to make her be engaged and married to him. This develops into a very interesting love.

Guo Pin Chao – A violin player who is forced to return to Taiwan when his family runs into financial difficulties in order to take over the family business.

Wu Ya Xin – Originally a strong woman, sees that Guo Pin Chao’s company can help her cut her ties with her family’s control. In the business world, she had connections to Guo Pin Chao, with her feelings, she was swaying between Guo Pin Chao and Ming Dao.

Jiang Yi – a strong woman, when she wants something, it always gets to her. In the drama, she likes Guo Pin Chao, doing everything for him. She even put down her social status to help him in his small business, always at his side. At the end, when she sees Wu Ya Xin and Guo Pin Chao going to get married, she is deeply hurt.

Li Xiao Lu – Guo Pin Chao’s ex-gf. A cello player. The person that Guo Pin Chao always loved.

Pics and an interview/behind-the-scenes:


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  1. […] the original here: Upcoming Taiwanese drama: Quietly Falling in Love with You … […]

  2. Liana – sorry about the mix-up, again. No, I don’t know anything more about QQASN, either where it’s airing or how many episodes it has – if I did I would have posted that. it’s set to be released in March or April 2009 according ot one of my sources, but that’s all I know. There’s really comparatively little information for it online; I had to spend a long time tracking down even what information there is here.

  3. Ambergold, THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this series.. San Jun Hao is Ming Dao character in “The Prince Who Turn Into A Frog” right? I Love San Jun Hao ..I Love Ming Dao.. I always waiting for his new drama .. THANK YOU AMBERGOLD for sharing with us ..Yes, you right Angelica.. In that picture Ming Dao look a like 99% San Jun Hao.. I heard that Ming Dao character ( Zhao Guan Shi ) even raped Wu Ya Sin character ( Yao Zi Wang ) ..Wow, i cant believe that Ming Dao can do that .. I wanna see his acting.. I like Dylan Guo too .. They both is very good looking.. I’m agree with you Angel, seems like Qiao Qiao Ai Shang Ni is the promising drama.. I always wait for new info about this drama. Thanks for Liana too, i heard you requested for several time.. If its not because of you, we wont be able to know about this series .. I’m very tired coz they always talk about Fahrenheit & F4 drama.. Taiwanese drama is NOT ONLY FAHRENHEIT & F4 DRAMA.. Ming Dao has many good drama too .. Its not fair for always discuse Fahrenheit&F4 drama .. Dont get me wrong, i like F4 too but i just think its not fair.. but by the way, thank again to you ..Ambergold, you did a great job .. God Bless 😉

  4. It’s set for broadcast on April 12, 2009 in Taiwan on CTS. The CTS mini site for it is here:http://www.cts.com.tw/prog/a/a0089/. More info here too:http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Knock_Knock_Loving_You.

  5. Is it true? Qiao qiao ai shang ni will broadcast on April 12,2009 in Taiwan? Is that mean i can download this series via on line right? Is the title change to be “Knock Knock Loving You” and not “Quietly Falling In Love With You” ? Why they change the title? But Whatever the title as long as this is Ming Dao drama i still watching & like it. THANK YOU SO MUCH POPULASION .. God Bless

  6. all of d actors r handsome

  7. omg! thanks much for the update!!! can’t wait to see this! I love MD sooo much!! Ehehe!

  8. Please give some information about Farenheit new coming drama …
    Thanks for all

  9. Any news Ming Dao dramas?

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