Eyecandy: Oguri Shun – The Light Side

Japanese actor Oguri Shun, most famous for his roles in Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2 and Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi e, is one of my personal favorite actors; he always reminds me of a Greek god with his incredibly sculpted face and almost eerily beautiful features. He sports orange/light hair sometimes, and sometimes dark hair. This post focuses on the former.













4 Responses

  1. he’s one of my fave japanese actors he looked really cute in hana yori dango

  2. ..yehey!…hello to you….
    ….Oguri Shun is one of my fave actors…I can’t say that I am a hard core fan since I haven’t seen all of his works, but he’s on my top 3 fave Japs…my friends often look at me with raised brows when I say that I adore him….Yehp, he’s definitely not one pretty boy but he has his own unique charm, appearance and masculinity which appeal to my taste…..
    …what’s sad is 8s hard to find videos of him on Youtube….when I say vids, I meant of him being intrviwed, or guesting on shows……or they’re not subbed at all…

  3. ..plus he was able to pull off those but hugging and skinny jeans on HYD without appearing too gayish(dunno the proper term to use) or vain…..

  4. OMG i love oguri shun in hana yori dango! i called him a god before too! ^-^

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