Chinese Hana Yori Dango Cast

The cast is as follows:
Jang Han (Goo Joon Pyo), Hwi Hao Ming (Yoon Ji Hoo), Joo Tze Sao (So Yi Jung) and Wei Yi Cheon (Sung Woo Bin).

The first thing I thought when I saw the cast pictures for the Chinese Hanadan was(forgive me)

“Why are they all so young-looking and ugly?”

But seriously.

Gu Jyun Pyo is okay.

But Yoon Ji-Hoo?

*cries sad tears* over this poor, vaguely cute, 17-year old-looking boy-child who’s gonna have to play a role which has been formerly made famous by Oguri Shun, Vic Zhou, and Kim Hyun Joong. But really – what are they thinking? The actors who have played this role have all become famous in that role for their stunning, out-of-this-world, sculptured good looks. But Hwi Hao Ming? He’s cute, there’s no doubt about that in a schoolboyish kind of way. But he’s so wildly outclassed based on previous representations that I don’t even know what to say.

Yi Jung-

He looks fine(again, young, and of course not as good-looking as Kim Bum, but still)

Woo Bin-

Geum Jandi-

She could be okay. it’s too early to tell yet.

I realized, while I was posting this, that I’m quite possibly getting very tired of this drama. BBF has been such a rollercoater, I’m garnering a distaste to see it (badly) re-worked ever again. However, thank God for us, the manga writer signed a contract with the makers of Korean Hanadan that no more adaptations could come out for another two years, so maybe by that time we’ll be surfeited on other bad dramas and will be excited about this again.

Mostly, however, I’m jsut super confused by how young they all look. Of course Hanadan is set in high school, originally anyway, but this is the first adaptation in which they actually look like high-schoolers; all others have used actors between 20 and 25 or so in order to capture the character’s emotional depth and maturity, etc(and to make it seem less like teen angst and more of a youn-adult epic romance). Much of the time, I’m all for manga faithfulness(I even think that they probably should have stuck closer to the manga with BBF, then we wouldn’t have had this rollercoaster with Ji-hoo), but, this just seems unnecessary to me. They look like babes in arms! Particularly Woo Bin. And if they look like that to me, a young adult myself, I can’t even imagine how they look to other people.

the comparison-(credit for chart goes to K-Bites)

If it were up to me, taking into account acting skills+physical suitability for the role+sheer good looks, I’d choose Kim Bum as the best Yi Jung, Vanness Wu as the best Woo Bin, probably Barbie as the best Shancai, although I’m SOO torn by Inoue Mao, and it’d be a dead heat between the three non-Chinese actors for Ji-Hoo and Jun-pyo. For Ji-Hoo, I’d say Zaizai gave it the the interpretation closest to the manga(I think?), Oguri Shun gave it nuance and a mysterious magic, and Hyun Joong gave it tons of charm and charisma, though less nuance(I have to say, thinking about these three, I might choose Oguri Shun. He strikes a nice balance between Zaizai’s spaced-out oddball and Joong’s overly-perfect-because-not-otp prince charming). But maybe that’s just because I was watching HYD 2 this morning. As for Junpyo, Jerry Yan fit his role best naturally I think by virtue of personality and looks(heavy features etc.) but he’s a poor actor, while Matsumoto Jun gave it a much more nuanced and probably compelling interpretation but didn’t fit the role physically at all, and Lee Minho is too clearly intelligent and grown-up for the role(Domyouji’s main characeristics include his driving, childish single-mindedness, and, at the beginning of the drama, his inability to be thoughtful/aware of others and his equally childish ability to take delight in silly pranks). Minho conveyed none of these convincingly(imh) instead making Junpyo simultaneously a less convincing and sometimes more compelling character. So yes. I’d have to say for Junpyo I can’t choose.


36 Responses

  1. so…is this another drama adaptation of the Hana Yori Dango manga…or is it going to be a copy other HYD drama’s? Also i’m slightly confused as to why the korean names and the taiwanese names of the characters were being used as opposed to the original japanese names the characters had? not really a big deal..just annoying to me…hope to see this new version in the future…but still will always prefer the Jdrama version…besos…

  2. Hi~ Can I just point out one mistake you made? 🙂 Not to be disrespectful or anything. BUT, the Japanese version, Goo Jun Pyo is not acted out by Oguri Shun. It’s actually by Matsumo Jun, he’s part of ‘Arashi’ the Japanese band. Just so you know 🙂

    And I totally agree with you, the chinese version looks too teenager-ish O_O hehe okay, bye!

  3. oohh wait wait, I was mistaken abt that sorry D: silly me

  4. Oh, haha. Yeah, I was wondering…

  5. Hi, I live in Los Angeles, and just finished watching (Friday, Channel 44-7, 11:00 pm, Chinese-only narrated/subbed) what obviously appears as another HYD adaptation, in Chinese (I don’t understand/read Chinese). However, none of the characters appear in the chart above, so it must be a brand new adaptation. The main girl, Tsukushi-equivalent, is very cute! I have watched the Japanese, and Korean versions. Anybody know of this new variation?

  6. ternyata f4 korea cowok”y lebih gantenxxx yuch????

    he. . .

    chayoo lakh bwt film boys before flowers. . .

  7. good luck!

    for all players korea,japanese,taiwan.

    ……………………..thanks for all………………………….

    mojang indonesia

  8. BOF korea is the best…
    dari semuany cowok yg pling gnteng cma BOF korea…

    • Gile bego lu .. Yalah yalah ganteng imut bla bla bla, tp sumpah, penilaian jangan lewat tampang dong .. Kalo tampang itu namanya model !! Nah, liat aja tuh akting Kim Hyun Joong yang ngaco !!

  9. hmmm another hanadan adaptation ? What????!!!!!!That guy is going to beHanazawa Rui? Seriously? I don’t agree absolutely!!!!!
    For me,
    the best tsukasa : Lee Min Hoo (Korean version) because it’s really close to my image of doumyouji tsukasa
    the best hanazawa rui : Oguri Shun (Japanese version)
    the best nishikado : Kim Bum (Korean version)
    the best mimasaka akira : Woo Bin (Korean version)
    the best Tsukushi : Barbie Hsu (San Chai)
    It’s just my thought hehehe

  10. Personally, I hated Meteor Garden, I couldn’t stand the acting, but I suffered in silence because I loved the manga so much. The Japanese was better, Mao being an amazing Tsukushi and by far my favorite. Matsu Jun kinda irritated me as Tsukasa. In the manga Domyouji was more mature than how he acted but that could have been the script, who knows? I think that Lee Min Hoo did a great job of portraying how he was in the manga. I find it funny that it took them so long to start filming because they wanted the leads to be the same height as the characters:) Hopefully the new one won’t let us down…even though they look like actual teens… *sigh* One can hope.

  11. Ahhhhh, ANOTHER version *cries* I am so sick of them remaking this, really >_> I mean, three versions is enough. But another chinese one? WHAT?!
    Anyway. The…the…ugly guy who’s supposed to be hanazawa rui? EWEFASF GAG!
    For me,
    tsukasa: Lee Min Hoo
    hanazawa rui: Zaizai
    nishikado: KIM BUM FTW!
    mimasaka akira: Vanness Wu
    tsukushi: The taiwanese one or the korean one, I can’t really choose.

    I look forward to the Chinese nishikado actor… don’t disappoint!

  12. OMG not another one… dont they realise having 3 versions is enough… as others are saying getting sick of it.. the story everyone knows already.. what else can they do to make it more interesting?? nothing!! japanese and korean pretty much covered it… i dont think it will be as popular as Hana Yori Dango jap and Korean version.. but hey.. might watch a few eps too see if its alright

  13. F4 korean fighting..^_^.. kim hyun joong,lee min hoo,kim bum and woo bin…saranghe… BOF..korean are the best^_^..

  14. A chinese version!!! Wow I’m actually intrested in watching this since I’m a huge fan of the manga XD
    I’m currently watching the korean version and it’s awesome, but of course it won’t beat my favorite HYD Jap. version. Anyways even though the characters aren’t the best lookers I hope that the storyline is intresting enough for me to watch the whole thing.

  15. ummm….yah i realy agree w/ you…these new characters seems teenager-ish….and for me above all these version what i liked most is the Japanese version…followed by the korean version…..i hope that if there would be another adaptation/s of this manga…may the characters be suitable for the roles for them to potraye it welll…..

  16. I’m actually watching it now. It’s obvious this F4 is nowhere as good looking as the guys in the other adaptations–though the actors playing Tsukasa & Nishikado are good looking enough. The two main characters DO make it interesting. I look forward to finishing this.

    Oh, if you’re a mega-fan: it’s not faithful to the original storyline. Don’t forget the cultural differences, too. Chinese (mainland) is more…subtle and well-behaved. Don’t expect too much over the top flair, seduction (Nishikado), etc.

    So…it’s not bad. Give it a chance. 😉

    • ..I started watching the mainland version just last week of Nov. when I stumbled upon it…
      ….the variations that they made were really good, esp the relationship of the H4 where they originally started with 3 and had a fight with Jang Han….
      ….I didn’t really expect nothing much from 8 but surprisingly, it was amusing….their Domyouji isn’t that bad…I really love the interaction bet. him and the girl…
      …of all the adaptations made, I always root for whoever takes the Rui Hanazawa role but not on this one…8s not just the way they styled his hair (since he looks better when his hair isn’t like that) but his background unto the story as well….eish….
      …other than the main guy, my admiration for the Rui Hanazawa role was transferred to Yi Jung esp bcoz of his acting as a jerk on the first episodes…..
      …my angst with regards to the show: the PIANO TEACHER….I am a bit irritated whenever she’s on screen….I feel like she was casted only to look beautiful on the set and not act at all…ughz!…@ least her Korean counterpart also graced our screen with her classiness but the Piano teacher was way toooooo much DUNNO…….:(
      ….and my other frustration w/c myt result to me to stop watching the show is that they followed the format of the taiwan version where they cut it into two seasons…..The Jap version also has season 1 and 2 but at least the episode count was shorter…8s only 10 or was it 11?..while the china is 36 eps and 8s just season 1…..

  17. ..all of them are beautiful,,,,,,,,espcialy ung mga guys,,,hahaha…GWAPO NILA HANEP!!!!!!!!!!xna mgsamasma clang lht sa isang episode…mas mganda un…..
    ..da bst tlga pg asianovelas..ASTIG!!!

  18. Well actually, if you will watch all the revisions of HYD in different country you can say that they have different kind of scenario and kind of how the character acted. this is because if they don’t change a bit of the series it would just end up as a copy paste and don’t have originality. and we can’t really expect more for the character to be suitable for there roles because they are not perfect and not a cartoon character like the manga series. :))

    no offence but I just wan’t to share what I feel..:))

  19. ..Well..i think the characters in the chinese version of not that goodlooking except for zhang hai..the domyouji one♥..he’s cute especially when he smiles..i watched all the versions of this mangga..
    except the chinese one..

    ..the guy who portrays the role of hanazawa the chinese version really sucks!!!

  20. Well, another adaptation. I just wish this would be the last one. I think the girl who’ll play Geum Jan Di is pretty. So far, my fave adaptation is BOF and Meteor Garden comes second.

    Tsukasa: Lee Min Ho, Jerry Yan
    Rui: Vic Zhou (I never liked Oguri Shun personally and I don’t know what the fuss is all about with Kim Hyun Joong.. Sorry fans, I just don’t get it.)
    Nishikado: Kim Bum! Hands Down!
    Akira: I don’t have a favorite but if I have to choose it would be Vaness Wu.
    Tsukushi: I like the three portrayals so I’ll just rate them. 3 being the highest and 1 the lowest.

    3 – Barbie Zu
    2 – It would be unfair to put one of the remaining girls to 1 so Goo Hye Sun and Mao Inoue will tie at this place.

  21. well, i prefer the korean version and taiwanese version. although the japanese f4 actors are not as handsome as korean actors, they are really good at acting. i don’t actually like the chinese version but they might be the best in acting …. who knows???

    in my opinion,
    Tsukasa: Lee Min Ho and Zhang Han
    Rui: Kim Hyun Joong and Oguri Shun
    Nishikado: Kim Bum and Joo Tze Sao
    Mimasaka Akira: Woo Bin
    Tsukushi: Koo Hye Sun and Zheng Shuang

  22. of course the original. the taiwanese version is the best….

    • Well excuse me, the Manga is the original one .. And Japan actually made the first live action (1995), just that it wasn’t so popular

      • yah.. the Manga is the original one and i do know that it’s from Japan.. well as u said they made a live action of this and it wasn’t so popular.. and what made it popular was the live adaptation of taiwan.. that’s why in my opinion they are the best.. F4 taiwan are the original F4 also known as JVKV.. 🙂

      • Hmm, well, yeah ..

  23. hoooooooo lo mejorrr es la coreanaaaaa me he vistooo todasss y el mangaa todoo!! y los mejores son los coreanos pero la taiwanesa es muy buenaaa muy buenaaaa al principio me daba rabia por la violencia encontra la mujer pero despuesss HOOO!!!! hermosossss todosss pero amo a JI HOO GO COREA!!!

  24. What a bunch of idiots.

    First of all, the characters’ names are: Makino Tsukushi, Domyouji Tsukasa, Hanzawa Rui, Nishikado Soujiro, Mimasaka Akira–and so on. Those of you using Geum Jan Di and those other horrible names are using corruptions of the names that other countries that have stolen this story from Japan have used. So the character isn’t Gu Jun Pyo–it’s Domyouji Tsukasa. It’s not Yoon Ji Hoo–it’s Hanazawa Rui. This is really basic to HYD. They’re the originals. Respect that.

    Your taste in acting, beauty and production values is likewise abysmal. The Korean version is interesting–but it looks like a cheap imitation of the Japanese version. And anyone who doesn’t think that Matsumoto Jun and Oguri Shun are stunningly handsome is a moron.

    • Woo .. Calm down .. I personally agree (no, wait, TOTALLY agree) with you .. But there are just some people that are blinded by first-impressions, looks, and that might offend them

  25. F4 Cinanya .. Kayak, err, iya sih di komiknya emang anak SMA .. Tapi .. Kemudaan lah pokoknya !!
    And btw, whoever wrote this, I know it’s not a real big deal but I think it’s better if you use the original Japanese names instead of the Korean ones (Makino Tsukushi, Domyoji Tsukasa, Hanazawa Rui, Nishikado Sojiro, Mimasaka Akira, etc) ..
    Dan, kalo menurutku pribadi sih, lebih suka yg versi Jepang …
    Maaf ya, tp aku krg ngerti apa bagusnya versi Korea .. Iya sih kalo soal tampang hebat, tp,, aktingnya kalah rasanya sama yg versi Jepang ..
    Versi Jepang itu singkat n padat, lucu n romantis, n nggak ad part yg ngebosenin
    In contrast to it, yg Korea itu buatku terlalu panjang, oh iya, menurutku chemistry lead couplenya kurang n kalo berantem kayak sampe parraaah banget, sampe2 mungkin kalo bukan film sampe “Aduuh, nyesel gw sama lo ..”, dan yaa, bagian yg ngebosenin lumayan, banyak ..
    Jadi yah, mohon nilainya jangan lebih banyak dari muka dibanding akting .. Mestinya akting yg penting, bukan muka ..
    Sorry KoreanLovers .. You can say I’m bias or whatever

  26. i think the Korean version is the best! they have a lot in common in the original one…. especially
    when it comes into looks!

  27. i love japanese version the most..

  28. Not trying to be mean but why?!!?
    Korean Version was the best one!!
    And the chinese actor dont really match the images of the caracters they look like the opposite. Whats wrong with Gun Jyun Pyo’s HAIR!!
    What happened to the curls!!?!?! I hope this show is good.

  29. No matter how good the looks are but if the acting and plot are dumb, the series will fizzle. That is why the Japanese version is the best since the 2 main characters have acting experience and it shows on the screen. Whoever does not think Matsumoto Jun is not handsome is crazy. He showed how acting experience can carry that role so much better. Mao Inoue just owned that role. She did not make the girl annoying and that is big enough. The rest of the Japanese cast is so so but the storyline depends on the 2 main characters and they were astounding. The first episode of the Japanese version is still the best acted out.

  30. Honestly I can’t say I have the right to compare because I haven’t fully watched the Taiwanese or Japanese version. I’ve seen parts of both, but because I was roped into watching BOF first, I have a severe bias towards it. Probably because I’m such a materialistic person, because regardless of everything, you have to admit the Korean version definitely had the most beautiful visuals…probably went all out on the production. lol. Anyways, I’m going to give the Chinese version a chance and see what happens…mostly because I have a slight bias for Zhang Han and I actually think he’s pretty cute. I totally agree that I have very low expectations for this version though. They all look so …. ill-fitting. From the uniform to the cast choice…it just doesn’t look like it’ll work out very well.

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