Boys Before Flowers episode 18

Episode 18 continues the same trend of messiness prevalent in the plot and writing of the last few episodes: it’s as if the writer, Yoon Ji Ryun, is trying to imitate the dysfunction of the main character, Junpyo, in her writing, in a sick version of structure reflecting content.

After the last few episodes, I keep thinking that I’m over being emotionally invested in this drama, and definitely I left the irreversibly-committed boat a few episodes ago and can’t ever make it back, but every time I watch a new episode I’m surprised by how intensely about it I still feel.

However. I’ve never been so bored with the Domyoji character/disgusted at the overall acting/heartbroken over a fairy-tale OTP that will never come true before.

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10 seconds into this episode and I’m already realizing that I’m really only watching this so I can cap the Jandi/Ji-hoo prettiness. Not even to watch said prettiness – they’re far too doomed and I”m far too bitter to enjoy their interactions anymore.

he takes her hand!? Ji-hoo, go die. You’re too great to live.

In his music, he gives voice to her sadness. You know what kills me? That Jandi understands and appreciates his music – she may not be a musician herself but she’s highly responsive to it. She gets this central thing in his life.

She falls asleep. This cap’s from a weird angle but I dunno, I like it; I like the angle their bodies make as she leans so trustingly against him.

He covers her with his coat.

Random J angst:

WHAT IS WITH THE RANDOM WOO-BIN angst?? what, they heard everyone’s complaint’s about not enough Prince Song so now they go overkill? Typical of this drama’s writer/s I suppose.

“I’ll take care of these bastards who hurt my friend with my own hands” YEAH!!! This is fthe first time I”m actually liked Woo-BIn.

I capped about every other second Kim Hyun Joong was onscreen. Obsessive, me? Now whatever gave you that idea?

God, I seriously can’t take much more of Jandi. I seriously cringe every time the camera goes to her face now, because I know that all I’ll see is the exact same expression she’s had for the past 3 episodes – that of a dog who’s been beaten. WHERE IS THE SHANCAI I KNOW??! I”m getting a little tired of Ji-Hoo just sitting around being silently helpful, too – he needs to give her the harsh lecture any decent girlfriend would if she were there – the snapout ofyourselfpityingmisery and get overtheloseralready lecture

Also known as, “For some reason unknown to man and God, we are not a couple”

They do religious things together, thus crossing off yet another thing on the OTP/canno cliche list(offhand, didn’t this appear in Goong, Silence, and a bunch of others whose names I can’t remember?)

Do they NOT look like a couple??

Aww! even the old monk thinks they’re a couple, and a good one!! you’ve been blessed by even God, me friends – WHEN ARE YOU GONNA PULL IT TOGETHER?

what the freak??? “that girl is going to make a family for you”??? If I hadn’t seen the other Hanadan adaptations, at the end of this series I would pull out a gun, hunt down the writers, and shoot them pointblank for promising me the world in Ji-Hoo/Jandi form and then failing miserably to deliver. I’m literally tearing up for Ji-Hoo. I HATE YOU KDRAMA.

Junpyo is so selfish. As soon as he hears about Jandi, all thought of his friend’s injury goes out of his head.

Hehe. One improvement this drama HAS made is in Jandi’s little brother; if I remember correctly in the other adaptations, he’s more like her parents, a bit weak-willed, but in this one he’s like a miniature Jandi; always bounces back from misfortune and can weather anything(at least, the Jandi I know *scowls blackly*)

Junpyo angsts. I fastforward through all the parts so I don’t have to feel sorry for the guy who ruined Jandi’s life.

Junpyojunypojunyo boredboredbored. I realize it’s all otp-and-cannon-ish and now but I’m realizing how totally I checked out of this relationship a while back when he broke up with her.

He is cute sometimes. When he’s not being Dude with least qualifications to date ever

She tucks him in?? I feel sick to my stomach. This is the guy who dumped you, took up with another guy, and as far as you know just slept with her? Jandi’s an alien; no girl in the world would behave as she does.

hee! favorite scene from this episode. Every time I think he’s so perfect he’s boring, it reminds me how quirky/cute/funny he really is.

Jandi tries to wake him up in a TOTALLY girlfriend-like way. These two have so much chemistry it’s ridiculous.

“I have power. As much as Junpyo, and unlike him I can make you happy with it. Enter into the museum I closed off just for you”. Isn’t it a universal truth that women love men with power? WHY doesn’t she fall for him?

“If I had only known, I would have made a container.”

“What kind of container?”

“A contrainer to collect all the money I’d make from Geum Jandi. A transportation fee, coffee, acting and now modelling fees. If I add it all up, it should be a hefty sum”


And…she laughs.

The End.


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