Boys Before Flowers Episode 15

This was a great episode; definitely had the most depth emotionally, drew the most nuanced acting from Hye Sun, and was just generally an emotional, angsty, fabulous rollercoaster from start to finish. Only it’s getting downright depressing and I don’t like that. 😦 This so far has been my escapist/pretty/don’t get too emotionally involved drama.

Download this episode subbed at ArashiVox (also with Youtube links) or Aja-aja

Awww!!  the way Ji-Hoo smiles at her when the lady mistakes them for newly-weds! Such a grin of pure delight!

My God. He sings with such simple, unadulterated confidence and joy. Ji-Hoo. I want you NOW. Can I have you??? And I love how he’s doing it for her.

hehe. A crowd quickly collects. Hey, if a greek god came down to earth and start singing love ballads in an extremely mellifluous voice I’d stop and watch too 🙂

She’s falling for him. God. I can tell. FINALLY. Most obdurate girl in the world; anyone else would have tumbled dOWN, DOWNN, DOWNN, into Ji-Hoo love a long time ago

“There are a lot of things I do for the first time, thanks to you” Yeah, like HAVE A HEALTHY LOVE RELATIONSHIP and care enough about someone to be active.

YES. Eat it up, Jun-pyo. You are an idiot. It serves you right. And you know  what? You’re even more of an idiot to be coming here and following her torturing yourself all the time. You made a decision; stand by it like a man. I don’t LIKE how Ji-Hoo/Jandi’s relationship is so defined by Jun-pyo an d his presence; far less so than in the other adaptations, but still – every time they have a good moment/scene/start to fall in love, the drama always brings Jun-pyo back into the picture to remind us who else is in this triangle. It’s never just Jandi/Ji-Hoo, never just the two of them, even though the drama BEGAN with the two of them, before Jandi had ever seen Junpyo.

hehe. Jandi’s cute when she freaks out. However, I think it’s a sign of how much she cares about him, that it would bother her that much for him to see her (semi) naked. Also, I think her hysterics are some more of her reactions to the whole Jun-pyo fiasco. She’s not quite emotionally stable yet.

GOD. Ji-Hoo is so adorable when he smiles. I love how both guys just kind of laugh at her about the bathroom thing.

“Memory delete, complete”. God of wonders. Ji-Hoo could not BE MORE PERFECT. I am astounded. Drama, why do you betray me so? Why are you making Ji-Hoo, the secondary character, such an absolutely, breathtakingly, hands-down up down and inside out fabulous character and amazing guy? Remember the part where he doesn’t get the girl?

All of Ji-Hoo’s thoughts and attention are clearly focused on Jandi now; I love how he goes straight back to the shop with his spare time to find those shoes for her. And I LOVE how the drama doesn’t pull some stupid childlike and completely unrealistic symbolism in which Jun-pyo bought the last pair and there’s none let for Ji-Hoo to give her.

“My legs get caught in the seats, so I can’t ride economy.” AHHAHAHAHAHAH!! *FALLS OFF SEAT LAUGHING* oh, Ji-Hoo! Oh, Hyun-Joong! I can’t take how adorable and adorkable you are. He says it so simply and like it’s an obvious thing too, and gets such a little-kid look on his face. Fantasmagorijoong. You’re even unintentionally funny. *shakes head* too perfect.

hee. He looks adorably pleased with himself as he puts on the shoes. I like that they don’t make him a statue, which would be all too easy with a face like a sculpture anyway, but instead let him be a bit mischievious and more humanly warm and alive, even down to being pleased with himself for doing something for a girl/pleasing the woman he’s in love with.

Aww. MinHo DOES angst amazingly. I think this is the first time I’ve really liked Jun-pyo the whole drama. When he’s miserable.

*shakes head* I just can’t take this anymore. make a threesome and get it over with. I’m begging you.

fiance +shoes: wow. just when I thought they weren’t being overly symbolic…

Ji-Hoo is CRAZY amazing. Jun-pyo would never have been able to encourage her like that when she told him about her new dream.

Moment when Ji-Hoo offers her his arm: White prince leads her into the black prince. Don’t do it, Ji-hoo! I know she needs to deal with her feelings. But you know she stilll loves him. Don’t expose her to him.

I weep for you, Ji-Hoo. The moment she started singing he knew she wasn’t singing to him. Go die, Jun-pyo. You’re getting in the way of a perfectly good OTP 😦

I love how the guys all step in and quietly take care of things, divying up the load

Okay. this is ridiculous. and here comes my first major frustartion in the drama. I KNEW at some point they’d have to get rid of character continuity and make one or more start behaving unlike themselves in order to fix this triangle the drama’s created, and sure enough, here’s Jandi, not believing that Ji-Hoo loves her and thinking it was all an act. Jandi’s got some serious problems in this area; both Jun-pyo at the beginning and now Ji-hoo have done literally everything in their power to show her they love her – and yet she still stubbornly shuts her eyes. But this is just too much. Jandi’s not stupid, as much as the drama tries sometimes to portray her as such.

I LOVE the Jun-pyo/Ji-hoo friendship, by  the way. It’s my second favorite thing about this drama, right after Ji-hoo/Jandi and before Ga-Eul/Jung – it’s the friendship of 2 strong men who, in spite of everything, are there for each other – I love how Jun-pyo trusts Ji-Hoo to never really turn away from him and how he always runs to Ji-Hoo when he’s upset.


2 Responses

  1. I absolutely love how you passionately express your thoughts on these episode recaps!
    It’s like you’ve amazingly put into words all those emotions that one can deem to feel, observe, sense , be aware of about this drama. It’s awesome!

  2. I really agree, if Ji Hoo and Jun Pyo as Friendship! They are Best Friend, im so sorry if ji Hoo and Jun pyo like Enemy.

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