Boys Before Flowers Episode 13

Believe it or not, I have been watching this drama, in the midst of midterms, but didn’t get excited enough about it to write about it until episode 13(due to having seen both other adaptations, I remained sufficiently emotionally detached. Around episode 13, however, that ended *sad face*)

By far my favorite episode so far. The first one to simultaneously really make me squee AND tug at my heart-strings. I totally disagree with Dramabeans on this drama so far – my opinions are pretty much the opposite of hers. This one had such delicious themes/moments…

You can download this episode subbed from Aja-aja or’s titled GBN)

(a liveblog, fyi, is an informal write-up of your thoughts as you watch at episode.)

first thought: aww. Jandi CLEARLY misses him, she’s not even trying to deny it.
second thought: Junpyo you BASTARD, how could you not call.

next scene: Ji-Hoo is conducting an orchestra, wearing his traditional white while the camera pans on his intense expression, perfect features, and long hands. There is absolutely no context, point, or reason to this scene. DO I CARE? No. To me, this scene shows everything tha’ts best about him: his quiet, focused passion and capability. Jandi is so much safer/better taken care of with him than Junpyo

hee-hee! I love how Jandi’s mom falls for him at first sight! hey, if I fell into the arms of a man who lookedlike a Greek god, I’d probably faint too, no matter what age I was

hee. 🙂 I love how Ji-Hoo just ignores her when she protests she has nothing to say to Jun-pyo. “Begin now”. He knows her very well. Whereas Jun Pyo would ignore her in supreme confidence that whatever he’s telling her to do is best, Ji-Hoo ignores her because he knows what she actually wants to do, knows that her “no” means “yes” (can you tell that I’ve totally switched OTPs, AGAIN? It’s inevitable with this drama however – I always end up shipping the Ji-Hoo/Jandi pairing for at least half of it.

the piano scene: the camera LOVES Ji-Hoo/Jandi. God. Just jump his bones marry him already Jandi and make beautiful babies and live happily ever after!

Ga Eul/Kim Bum moment: PERFECT – but for the music. Thanks, kdrama. really. I mean, why have a great, verging on brilliant scene when you can ruin it with crack music?

Post-hospital: I love how Ji-Hoo just follows her silently. Jun-pyo would have raged and screamed and thrown a temper tantrum and not helped her at all – or worse, not understood at all and just offered to buy her ten pools to swim in. (I’m at the point in this drama where I’m the most frustrated with his character – not even how his character acts, but who his character is)

I love how she quietly folds up her dream and puts it away with the swimming poster. So far, this is the most emotionally mature/deep episode so far

I love how, in the swimming scene, Woo-Bin and Yi-Jung are smiling while Ga-Eul and Ji-Hoo are not – because they know how much this final swim means to her. But why do all her memories of swimming have to do with the F4 boys?? She swam before she met them 😦

Jun-pyo flirtation scene: BASTARD BASTARD BASTARD. oh, how I hate and despise you. protestations of eternal love, hmm? then first chance you get you run off and get the Korean equivalent of a leggy blonde. nice, Gu Jyun Pyo. Very classy.

the cynical side of me notes that he and said leggy “blonde” look very classy together. He should marry her. They’d make a GREAT couple.

the romantic side of me notes that even though he’s flirting with her he doesn’t look her in the eyes.

WOW. that was the single coldest cut I’ve ever seen. hands down. He just didn’t care.

*incoherent endless squeee*

I LOVE how she hangs out with the F3 boys, how they come to her rescue, how they all – ALL – genuinely care about her, as a person and a friend, how they use their influence and position to protect her in all ways possible, even ways she doesn’t realize…The swimming-presentation award scene is possibly my favorite of the whole drama so far. I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with the otp of a drama in which I’m more interested in relationships – even and particularly – friendships between the secondary characters.I also love how the F3 act as a team in everything – if Ji-Hoo calls them to come to Jandi’s aid, hey presto they appear at her shop to sell food, like a threesome of white knights. And how they kick butt in seamless sync when rescuing her from gangsters. (although, Woo-Bin’s English? *shudder*)

And how Ji-Hoo says he could feel her…SIGH. marry your fireman already, Jandi! Stop being masochistic and running after the flames and getting burned! What about the one who keeps putting them out?


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