Boys Before Flowers 14 Liveblog

You can download this episode subbed from either ArashiVox(Youtube links also) or from Aja-aja.

Writing on the window scene: The J could stand for either Ji-Hoo OR Jyun-Pyo. I know it was Jun-pyo. But a girl can dream, right?

I LOVE that it’s Yi Jung who gets furious and attacks Jun Pyo. It underscores how much they love her and how badly Jun Pyo had behaved. YI Jung may have no feelings for Jandi at all beyond friendship. But he’s man enough to see and care how badly Jun-Pyo has treated her, and he understands what she lost with her swimming

And Dramabeans thought episode 13 was weird?? what’s with the deeply random hide-and-seek game?

Oh. I see. So we can have some amazing Ji-hoo/jandi action. I LOVE how he sense her mood as always and silently holds her from behind.

“no. I was always like this.” Well, what’d you know. I’d have to agree on that one. BASTARDO OF THE FIRST DEGREE.

I love how Jandi stands up and takes it bravely and doesn’t fall apart in front of him though. Also, is Ji-Hoo MADE OF WIn for doing this for her or what?

Um? Where are the tears, the breakdown, now that it’s finally over?? She just irrevocably lost the guy she’s supposedly in love with. I know she had a lot of time to prepare, but she clearly held onto hope that hwole time. Now all she does is pout? Now that reality sinks in? Clearly didn’t love him that much. On to new, brighter, and better things aka Ji-Hoo!!

or not 😦 cue sad operatic music, tears, and gratuitous clips to remind us that Jun-pyo was once marginally human worth something/did love her

there we go. Finally, some tears! I really feel bad for Jandi, I’m not gonna lie. It’s not her fault she fell for a bastardo seemingly charming young lord whose life is dyfunctional beyond belief.

She has approximately ten times as much chemistry AND fun with Ji-hoo. DIE, Jun-pyo. Die a cold and miserable death in the hells of heartless misery. I don’t care that you’ve got a kingdom to take care of, bla bla bla. Would it be so hard to explain yourself? Jandi’s got more than one streak of cold iron and sheer pragmatism. She’d get it and be able to move on with her life.

Just get with Ji-hoo. Look! you actually smile around him!

Don’t mistake me: I don’t think Ji-Hoo’s character is perfection on earth. They stifle all hints of personality he might possibly be allowed to have, for one thing.

The deeply victorious/mischievious look Jandi gets on her face after ji-hoo lets her win the food battle is MADE OF WIN

Ji-Hoo doesn’t just smile all the time when he’s with Jandi – Jandi smiles all the time too. ALL THE TIME. Seriously never seen her look so frickin happy

they make a much better couple. She wakes him up, makes him live. He gives her the steadiness she needs – not to mention total and complete understanding.

sigh. I really don’t hate Jun-pyo as much as I make it sound. I actually quite sympathize with him. I just hate him for being the necessary and yet gratuituos thing that ruins MY OTP: the inevitabilty of this storyline and of Jandi getting back with him makes my heart sink. I almost want to scream at Ji-Hoo: “stop loving her!! You’re just gonna lose another “someone” and get your heart broken all over again!”



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  1. I totally agree with your sentiments there … sigh …. I just wish that someone would actually dare change the ending of HYD OR have 2 versions of the endings… that would be neat !
    How I wish!

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