Miscellania: Boys Before Flowers, Coolsmurf, new drama-download site

Boys Before Flowers episodes 11 and 12 came out!! Downloading now(from here, if anyone’s interested). I already spoiled myself by reading the Dramabeans summary, but having seen this story adapted twice already(Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango) there’s only so much I can be spoiled about anyway. What I’m really looking/waiting for, I must admit, is the Ga-Eul/Yi Jung storyline.

In other news, I note that Coolsmurf, one of only 5 Asian entertainment bloggers I read regularly, is abandoning his independent blog and moving over to entertainment site Alkpop…which I would be happier for him about IF my opinion of Alkpop did not have an inverse relationship to their vulgarity/nastiness level(high). See Dramaworld About for why I listed them as a link once and now do not. If anyone has any recommendations for bloggers to replace Coolsmurf, let me know, although I must admit I’ve kept on eye on Alkpop over the past few days since the announcement came and for now at least most of the articles are being written by Coolsmurf…which means a sharp upward climb in quality. I can’t even recognize Alkpop for its gut-level sarcasm any more! Which means I may be re-adding Alkpop if this continues. For now, see his article on Kim So Eun preferring Jun-pyo over Yi Jung.

As a blogger goes, however, a new drama-downloading site enters on Dramaworld; I discovered Jiwang the other day, a Malaysian entertainment site which has many dramas to download and is very easy to use; all you have to do is register to gain access and the files are offered as direct downloads in often several different formats from different servers. I’ll be adding it to the Drama Guide.

Song of the Day:

K One – If There Is No Tomorrow



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