Boys Before Flowers episodes 11 and 12

Boys Before Flowers episode 12 is NOT out, or rather not subbed yet, in spite of misleading rumours 😦 . D-Addicts has the softsubs here for episodes 1-8, with the  raws being over at Aja-aja, which has(<3) also independently subbed episodes 9-11. Aja has the RAW for episode 12 but no subs yet. Curses! Asian Drama Addict has been giving video links to watch BOF on youtube and similar sites, through episode 12, but it’s very low sound and visual quality – too low for me, so I’ll be waiting for the subs to come out.

Slightly spoilerish thoughts on episode 11 follow..

I always face a dilemma watching adaptations of this drama; on the one hand, the Domjouji/Jun-Pyo character is so deeply flawed, so insensitive, so selfish, so transparently DOESN’T belong to Jandi’s world, and it always seems that she would be so much better off – her life would be so much simpler and happier – if she married someone of her class, or at least someone more logical/practical. And on the other hand, it always seems that she and Jun-Pyo are doomed/fated to be together – no matter how much she runs he always find her, and in the end I’m always, always won over by how much he loves her – not how well he loves her(for he does it rather badly), but how much.

But my doubts over whether the two main characters are really that great for each other – specifically, whether Jun-pyo is good for Jandi – have only increased as I watch more adaptations of this. There’s always two points at which my doubts rise highest(understandably) and that is when any competition is introduced. My allegiance to Jun-pyo and the Jun-pyo/Jandi pairing wavers so easily when she’s placed with anyone else – first it’s always Ji-Hoo, then, for a brief but poignant period, it’s Jae-ha(who turns out to be EVIL! gangster! with! an agenda! but that’s another story and really beside the point – the point is the possibilities that his character represents – the possibilities for a normal, sane, supportive love relationship for Jandi).

Jae-Ha puts Jun-pyo to shame: he highlights everything that’s wrong with Jun-pyo and the way Jun-pyo treats their relationship. Jandi doesn’t need more drama in her life; she’s got enough drama just trying to keep her family afloat. She needs simple, practical, straightforward help and the everyday comfort and assistance that Jae-Ha provides(helping her deliver newspapers, keeping her company, taking some of the burden off) , which Jun-pyo is completely incapable of providing. Can you imagine Jun-pyo helping her deliver newspapers? No, I can’t either.

And as for Ji-Hoo, he takes such better care of her than Jun-pyo does. Junpyo is so wrapped in his little wealthy cocooned world that he never actually knows what’s going on with Jandi or her world; it’s always Ji-Hoo that is watching her, looking out for her, knowing when she’s sick and buying her medicine, knowing when someone tried to kill her and investigating it/telling her it wasn’t Junpyo..

Also, on a complaining note(Dramabeans put it well when she complained about this drama’s character continuity)from this episode, I have absolutely no confidence whatsoever during this episode that Jandi loves Jun-pyo.  Now granted, I just spent some time complaining/questoning whether the OTP in this drama is really meant for each other/acts as a functional couple, but ultimately, that’s just rhetoric. We all know who she ends up with.  The drama is very clear: she’s in love with Jun-pyo.  What the heck is going on then? She FLIRTS with Jae-ha! what’s that about?? She’s supposed to be in love with Jun-pyo! Didn’t we just have all those sweet mushy love scenes in which they finally get their romance together and start behaving like an actual couple instead of a brother and sister squabbling? (side note: I’m always struck by how little Jandi actually talks to Junpyo. She always ends up telling her problems to other people *cough Ji-Hoo* so easily and naturally, but never ever talks to Jun-pyo).

back to the point however -the only part of the episode that I thought was true to Jandi was when she started crying quietly while folding newspapers. She fights it so hard, never thinks about it, but in spite of everything, she does love him, and the emotions come creeping in even when she doesn’t want them to, even as she’s focused on work.
A few parting side notes:

1)Lee min-ho has a really big Adam’s apple 🙂

2) In this adaptation, it’s Ji-Hoo, not Jun-pyo(*shudder* remember Meteor Garden?) who has the terrible fashion

3)Jung Ui Chul, who plays Jae-ha, is adorable(ly good-looking)


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