FT Island-Bad Woman MV Eng sub+download

FT Island came out with their first MV featuring their new member, though honestly I couldn’t tell him apart from the rest of the boys(I mean, you can only get so many variations on the thin shaggy-haired angsty-looking Asian boy before it all starts to blur together – especially as they’re all about the same height).

Download here

I like the video, although the thing about FT Island is that a) each song individually is good and b) all their songs sound the same. This is the same sort of emo-screaming song they’ve done a million times before…which doesn’t necessarily erase all its value. Just some. (I could get really snarky with this but I”ll avoid out of love for them).

And one thing I will give them: angst may be their thing, but at least they do it well.

I like the effect of the frames sliding past each other, but it’s under-used – should be more dramatic. Also, if she’s such a bad woman, why is she crying so much about leaving him? Shouldn’t she not care?

Download song


It doesn’t seem like I’m your love,
It doesn’t seem like we are lovers..
“Let’s break up now, let’s stop, let’s separate”
What should I do if you say that?

Like someone who doesn’t know me,
Like someone who really had nothing,
If you forget it all
What should I do start from now?
I only loved you..

You’re a bad woman
You’re a bad woman
In a man’s heart, in a man’s eyes,
Tears are flowing down..
You’re a bad woman
You’re a bad woman
I loved you, no one other than you,
but you leave me in the end..
You’re a bad woman



I was happy because of you,
I was loved because of you,
I was sure that your everlasting love is for me,
but you’re a bad woman..

I’m a bad man
I’m a bad man
Memories of us and our love,
I will forget all of them now..

My only love, the one I’m devoted to..
I loved you, no one other than you,
but you left me now..
You’re a bad woman

credit to MyLove4YunJae4YooSu2 I think


4 Responses

  1. I have to say that the new guy REALLY, REALLY looks like WonBin. I totally agree with you that you can’t even tell the difference. The song is good and the MV goes kinda goes with the song but, what’s with the moving boxes? It got me dizzy for a bit and they looked so crammed in there anyways. LOL.

    Their emo songs are pretty much their trademark but, I do agree they need more happy songs. There’s only so many ways to say, “I got my heart broken and you suck!” However, it’s still melodic to listen to. =D

    Thanks for posting ^.~

  2. thanks so much about this ….

    I love this song . HongKi’s voice is so good.

    I hear this song dy by day ….

    Love this MV . 5 boys look so manly …..

    Jejin is so cute with new hair :X

    New guy looks same same with Wonbin…..

    Oh my god … Miss Oh Won Bin so much …

  3. You’re welcome, both of you!

  4. i am in love with this song and this video.
    they all look so mature now, i think Seunghyun
    fits with FTI. Miss Wonbin though of course.
    but i dont mind these kind of songs from them
    because Hongki’s vocals are amazing with songs
    like these.

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