Devil Beside You Dramaworld Official Review

  • Title: 惡魔在身邊 / E Mo Zai Shen Bian
  • Also known as: Devil Beside You, Devils Do Exist
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 14 (TV Broadcast), 20 (DVD)
  • Broadcast network: CTV
  • Broadcast period: 2005-Jun-25 to 2005-Sep-18
  • Air time: Sunday 22:00 – 23:30
  • Opening theme song: Chou Nan Ren (臭男人) Jerk by Huang Yida (黃義達)
  • Ending theme song: Ai Mei Ambiguous Love by Rainie Yang


Based on: Japanese shoujo manga “Akuma de Souro” (Devil Does Exist) by Takanashi Mitsuba

Dramaworld rating: 4.5/5

Spoiler Review

To fastforward or not to fastforward:

Not, for the most part.


After finally getting the courage to confess her feelings, Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) was handing her love letter to Yuan Yi (Kingone), but by a stroke of bad luck, he did not see and walked passed her. The person standing in front of her was the troublemaker of the school, infamously known for his devilish ways – Jiang Meng (Mike He). The devil will get what he wants, and the object of his desire was Qi Yue. Although having a cruel exterior, Ah Meng’s heart is kind and caring, which truly touched Qi Yue. The big problem remained – Ah Meng is the son of the man Qi Yue’s mother is going to marry. Even though they were not related by blood, who will accept this step brother-sister relationship? What is to become of their relationship when other lovers come into the picture?


Devil Beside You is definitely overall one of the best- certainly at least enjoyable – Taiwanese shows I’ve seen, and is among my personal 6 favorite dramas. Having said that, it also has one of the worst beginnings I’ve ever seen – it starts out a fluffy, melodramatic, crappy mess. Get past perhaps the first two episodes, and I promise, it goes upward from there – it’s one of those dramas which, having started at the bottom, gets better steadily but surely until by the end it’s amazing 🙂 It sets up the traditional drama motif of good girl/bad boy, but where it diverges is that it ensures plenty – and I’m talking plenty – of couple/OTP time by pulling the forced-proximity trick through the Devil and Qi Yue’s sudden stepbrother/stepsister relationship. All that’s really needed after that is chemistry between the two main leads, and Mike He and Rainie Yang have chemistry to spare – enough, in fact, to cover up some of the plot holes/drawn-out angst with which this drama, like all others, is characterized.  Their pairing has become drama legend since Devil’s 2005 airing, and led to another pairing in Why Why Love in 2007, which I like less overall, but is still good. Devil Beside You  also, not coincidentally, launched Rainie Yang’s career as both an actress and a singer – her song Ai Mei featured on the series soundtrack ensured platinum status for her debut album My Intuition Ai Mei, and the series propelled her almost instantaneously to the foremost ranks of Taiwanese actors.


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