Summer of Bubbles update

I am sad to announce(somewhat belatedly), that my hopes for a Vic Zhou/Barbie Hsu reunion in her upcoming drama Summer of Bubbles have proven to be groundless, although they will both have a drama airing in 09 – it just won’t be the same one 😦  Vic, as we know, will be appearing in Black and White, which will begin airing April 11 on PTS, while Barbie has indeed taken the lead role in Summer of Bubbles(also known as Summer’s Bubble, Summer of Bubbles, and Pao Mo Zhi Xia – most confusing drama ever, but ). The original casting of the male leads was  Peter Ho(who starred with Barbie in her early drama Phantom Lover) , who is also the producing the drama, as Luoxi and Dylan Guo(of The Outsiders) as Ou Chen, but investors apparently complained to Peter Ho about the casting of Dylan so he was replaced with Huang Xiaoming.

Original casting:


(Dylan Guo is on the left). Huang Xiaoming apparently liked the script so much that he agreed to be paid a fraction of his worth just to be in the drama.

So, in summary-

Yin Xia Mo (尹夏沫) – Barbie Hsu

Luo Xi (洛熙) – Peter Ho-


Ou Chen (欧辰)- Huang Xiaoming-


Barbie’s character, I am told, gets together with Ou Chen(Huang) in the end 😦 I’d prefer Peter.

There’s supposed to be a “huge press conference to be held for ‘Summer Bubbles’ on March 15th, with ‘big brand’ actors Da S, Huang Xiaoming and Peter Ho being the female and male main leads of the show. It will also star Zhang Guozhu (张国柱), Fang Si Yu (房思瑜), Kris Shen (沈建宏), Patina Lin (沈建宏), Coco Jiang (蒋怡), Christine Ke (柯奂如), Wu Ya Xin (吴亚馨) and others. The investor, GTV Station has received many offers for the broadcasting rights of the show.”

(Source: Asianfanatics)

Summer of Bubbles is based on a book by Ming Xiaoxi,  who is apparently characterized by beautiful, fairytale-like prose. Cover art of book, which is being made into a manga as well:


You can read the complete novel here, but in Mandarin only 😦 (at least I think it’s Mandarin)

Ke Huan Ru, who also played a supporting role with Barbie in Meteor Garden, will also be in it.


4 Responses

  1. […] I wanted to blog in the 1st place cos of this (which I found here: What are dramas, also known as doramas, you ask? They are essentially Asian miniseries/TV shows, […]

  2. i would also prefer peter ho to Huang.

  3. actually i think you are mistaken. ou chen will be played by Peter ho, but Huang xiaoming. which i am pissed about haha

  4. eo ơi nói thật đọc tr. hay hơn xem film n` trog tr. chi tiết bao nhiêu mà trog khi đó ở ngoài thì chả ra cái j` cả thà nó ra anime còn đỡ hơn ra film . film này là 1 thất bại lớn đúg là ngu trọn nhân vật k thýck hợp

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