Dramabites: slightly late news, but hey, it’s been finals and Christmas

Biggest news first – launch of a new drama-watching site!!!! Legal, with big screens, english subs, and episodes which aren’t divided into a thousand parts!! It’s only here in the U.S. though – sorry, all you who live in other countries 😦 Man, I am so excited and pleased though – I LOVE the fact that they’re finally catering to/reaching out the US audience. YAY for all the other romantics(and Americans in spite of everything ARE romantics at heart) catching my fever!

Introducing Dramafever

I already signed up and am now impatiently waiting them to let me/everyone else in.

Jerry Yan and Ariel Lin team up for drama Skip Beat/Extravagant Challenge!

Mike He, meanwhile, is to helm up his latest drama called Infernal Love, also known as Hua Wu Fei Xue / ζ— ι—΄ζœ‰ηˆ±-η„‘ι–“ζœ‰ζ„›.


Mike will play Feng Yi, the main character. There are 40 episodes for this new exciting comeback for Mike He. The story takes place in 1913. It’s apparently a story of “love, friendship, sacrifice and what it meanst o be a hero”.

Infernal Love also stars Deng Jia Jia as Hua Er, Zhao Zi Qi as Qiao Xiao Zhi, Jin Dong as Liu Yi Kui, Tsai Pei Lin as Qi Xuan, Wang Li Kun as Xiao Xue, and Pang Xiang Lin as Qi Yun Tian.

This new drama will be revealed in 2009.

Highly confused plot summary I found online:

Feng Yi, Liu Yi Kui, Hua Er, Xiao Xue, four patterns of youth are meeting in the signing of acquaintance: “ai guo hui” (Patriotic). The member Liu Yi Kui, has destroyed the warlord. The female beggar, Hua Er, has accidentally became the scapegoat for him and was arrested. Undercover Feng Yi has been in an action-Taishuai Explore, Shanghai and was promoted to become the deputy captain of the inspection team. Liu Yi Kui in the process of rescuing Hua Er, he meet and received help from Xiao Xue, who is a quiet girl. And slowly he change Xiao Xue. Because of the again and again signing of contract of selling country, it started the complex love story between them. Xiao Xue has full of admired towards Liu Yi Kui, while Liu Yi Kui only focus on his heroine “Hua Er”. but Hua Er was deeply in love with Feng Yi. Their young love in the context of the times becomes very tortuous and complicated. Finally, due to the patriotism and love, they are able to overcome the misunderstanding and enstrangement. They fought side by side with the traitor and finally get back the seeling country contract, these little people has become the unknown heroes!

In troubled times, Yuan Shi Kai just been appointed as the provisional president of Nanjing. The following year, the Shanghai Song Jiaoren in the case of Shi died. Mr. Song assassin is said to be the closest person, this person hands were stained with the blood of countless people, but still can have a woman, regardless of public vision, she has perseverance in her minds that he is the “good guys.”

Good or bad people, black and white world, where the only color for the emotional dispute-free, cold Feng Yi(Mike He), simple Hua Er(Eva Huang), the impulse liu Yi Kui, kind hearted Xiao Xue…In the age of persuing of love, showing a wonderful story.


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