Currently watching

The Outsiders-Twdrama, being subbed by Silent Regrets(subbed through 11 currently)

Invincible shan Bao Mei-Twdrama with Nicholas Teo, currently subbed through episode 4 by Sestor Fansubs and Timeless Subs(SE3stor does the odd and Timeless does the even-numbered episodes)

Hot Shot-twdrama with Show Luo, Jerry Yan and Wu Zun, subbed through ep 7 by Se3stor(Intangible is also subbing but more slowly). Highly enjoying this, though it’s not great drama/television. Just good.

Kimi Wo Petto-jdrama with Matsumoto Jun- have this on disc, not quite sure where I got it from, but…it’s entertaining, though has certain disturbing plot elements
Hana Yori Dango 2-jdrama with Matsumoto Jun – brilliant in a weird, very japanese-drama-like way. I vacillate between being highly addicted to it and finding it boring. Trying to finish so I can watch the movie that just came out.
Autumn Tale – Kdrama with Song Hye-Kyo – so, so, angsty. I’m only three episodes in and it’s already horribly tragic. Hmm.


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