BoA’s English debut, Wheesung’s Fading Star

I like this vid a lot. I mean, it’s yet another cliche(Asian artists excel so greatly at this, I swear every time I think they’ve run through every conceivable romantic cliche, they add another to the list) but as usual, it’s a compellingly-made vision of the cliche.  I’m not familiar with Wheesung by judging by this video that’s obviously a mistake. Hyori Lee costars in a famous persona role(what a stretch! Julia Roberts in Notting Hill, anyone?) and does her usual beautiful thing. My only quibble is with the ending – as the person who posted the video pointed out (grin) it’s really completely unnecessary and I don’t like it at all. There are too many dark messages being sent to today’s youth. 😦

Meanwhile BoA’s USA MV/song debut is (thank God!!) her Korean version – after a test trial her idiotic managers finally listened to the universal preference to her Korean one over her American one, so her USA debut consists of this smokingly hot song and vid. Seriously – this is one of the most addictingly hot videos I’ve ever seen. More on that later, but it showcases BoA’s best assets and reminds us all just how fiery her talent is. BoA may be a pop star, but she’s like the young Britney Spears – whatever the cliches and fame surrounding her, she’s genuinely talented. Born to be a star.Her vid is punk-ass, rebellious, and immensely hot, and the song is the latter one at least. Judging by its Itunes rating, America likes it 🙂


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