Epik High and DBSK’s new MVs; plus, Miss No Good v. Invincible Shan Bao Mei

I love Epik High. Not quite as much as Big Bang, but they’re certainly one of the most talented(read, actually talented) groups to come out of Korea.

Love Scream teaser-

They certainly seem to like pairing domestic/home scenes with very messed up people…oh kpop. How we love you and your endless cliches.

Then there’s DBSK’s MV for their new song “Mirotic”; I’m a bit underwhelmed by the actual song itself but the MV is highly compelling and everything that is technically suave and cool.

And, in drama news, Rainie Yang’s new drama Miss No Good is horrible beyond all reason – poor plot, cliched dialogue, over-cutesy(again!!) character for Rainie, and in general a stunningly unimaginative premise(did I mention both the main actors are possessed of wooden acting skills and not particularly good looks?), while Invincible Shan Bao Mei, also known as Woody Sambo, on the other hand, Nicholas Teo’s new drama, is addicting, fun, and well-written, with a very strong premise and much better characterization. Watch Invincible instead of MNG. You won’t regret it. The first two episodes are out on Mysoju.


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