Beginner’s Guide to Downloading/Playing Dramas/Doramas

First off, some terms to know:






soft subs – soft subs are simply subtitles which come as a separate file and aren’t directly attached to the video file- they’re usually titled/in the form of “.srt”

hard subs – subtitles which are attached to the video file and are inserted directly onto the screen – i.e. they come with the video so you only have to download one file, the video one

The good thing about soft subs is that they’re very small files; they usually download in seconds. Figuring out how to sync them with your video file/overlay them on the video can get a bit trickier, but it’s really not that hard…

Playing softsubs:

One of the first things you want to do is download VobSubs, a program which automatically syncs soft-subs with your video file. As of September 2008 the most current version of it is 2.23, which can be found here. Once downloaded, you don’t need to open it or anything everytime you play dramas/files; all you have to do is make sure that the sub file and the video file have the same title, e.g., I named my video file Wish to See(short for Wish to See You Again) and then named the sub file the exact same thing. As long as both files have the exact same title, all you have to do is open the video file and the player will automatically synchronize the subs with it.

You can also play with VLC; I haven’t tried this myself, but..

1. Go to the file menu: select “Open file”
2. Input the media file
3. then check the box that says “load subtitle file”
4. Click on the settings button next to the box you just checked
5. Browse through your files for the .srt (soft subs) you want to load and select them. “okay”
7. play

credit to dreamtooloud over at Livejournal

or another guide-


1. Download .srt file to same directory as the .avi file.
2. Drag avi file into VLC
3. Rightclick in VLC -> Subtitles track -> Track 1
4. BOOM!


1. First off, you can not use subtitle files if you are playing the movies in your browser. You’ll need to download them onto your harddrive. This is accomplished by RIGHT-clicking on the download link of the movie and selecting Save As… from the popup menu. Now you’ll be asked to find a place for it on your harddrive.
2. Now repeat that procedure for the .srt-file and MAKE SURE you save it in the same place. For VLC to autodetect it it will have to have the same filename apart from the last 3 letters. E.g. if the movie file is called Praxix_Rechambered_Episode_1.avi, then the subtitles file should be called
3. OK, now you have everything you need. Start up VLC and then drag the file from your explorer window onto the VLC window. If you just doubleclick the file VLC will sometimes not detect the subtitle file correctly.
4. If you did everything correctly, you can now rightclick in the VLC window (on the movie) and find the menu item that says ‘Subtitles track’. From the submenu that comes up, select ‘track 1’. Boom, you have subtitles!
5. If you didn’t get a ‘subtitles track’ don’t fear. Open the file again via the VLC menu (File->Open file). Hit browse and find your file. Just below is a checkbox named ‘Subtitle options’. Check it, click Settings button next to it, hit Browse and find the srt-file. This should not be necessary if you did 1, 2 and 3 right but whatever.

-credit to baadshah at Desi-Underground

Winamp Media Player is also a good thing to have(5.541 is the most recent version), as it is the player that Azntv recommends for their dramas(although their videos will also work on VLC) and is a good player overall

Finally, Media Player Classic supports more files and has more options than Windows Media Player but is very similar overall.

HJSplit will also be a necessity for any drama-watcher sooner or later; many subbers upload drama episodes split into many parts for easier upload and less risk of being caught.  Sometimes the different parts are even in different formats requiring different players, making it nigh-on impossible to watch them. HJSplit is the best program for combining all the parts into one. Download


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