Se7en, and a Barbie Hsu/Vic Zhou reunion?

The mystery surrounding the timing of Se7en’s U.S. debut continues, although his myspace page apparently states that it will happen sometime this year. You’ll forgive me if I don’t run screaming into the streets as the news, since Se7en has been “debuting” in the U.S. for quite some time now.

In other, much more exciting rumours, Barbie Xu, also known as Da S, might team up with previous castmate and former boyfriend of 3 years, Vic Zhou, in another drama!! The drama in question is called Summer of Bubbles / Bubbles’ Summer/Pao Mo Zhi Xia, is based on a best-selling novel, and will apparently come out in 09, although there’s precious little news beyond that. Barbie I believe is highly likely to star in it, while the male lead is less certain…unfortunately, I have difficulty believing that a couple who were together for three years and broke up only 6 months ago would be willing to work together(at all, much less this soon), which is perhaps why it’s only a rumour and not confirmed…:( If it were only true though – Vic and Barbie have such incredible, deep, amazing chemistry, and Mars was so dark that I’ve always wanted to see them in another role together – they could be so adorable.

Synopsis of the plot of Summer of Bubbles/Pao Mo Zhi Xia-

“When she was 11, Yi Xiamo fell in love with the prince of the school, Ou Chen, the young “Master”
who arrives to school in Lamborghinis and private jets. When she was 15, her father adopted a new child.
He was Luoxi , a heartless, irresistable orphan who stole the attention of her world. Out of jealousy,
Ou Chen sent Luoxi to England. That fateful day he left, Xiamo‘s parents
died in a car crash. Angered at Ou Chen, Xiamo told her she hated him.

That night, he lost his memories.

Five years later, Luoxi became a superstar. To pay for her brother’s expensive hospital fees, Xiamo
decided to become a celebrity. Though memories of her biological mother, a singer/prostitute, haunted her,
she eventually rose to success with her phenomenal beauty and talents. The two met, fell in love again, and
became the golden couple of the entertainment industry.

That same five years later, Ou Chen saw her performing on stage. Though he has lost his memories, he
couldn’t help but being attracted to that mysterious girl on stage. Did they know each other? Did he love her?
When Ou Chen found out the truth about their past, he swore he would make her pay for betraying him, but he couldn’t help but love her. He bought her company in the hopes of burying her, but instead helped her in her road to stardom.

Yet when the person she loves the most, her sweet little brother Yin Cheng, fell ill once more and needed a
kidney replacement, only Ou Chen’s kidney had the right fit. She begged him, telling him she would do
anything if he gave his kidney to Yin Cheng. He asked her to marry him.

The day of the wedding, Yin Cheng found out about the deal and refused to accept the kidney.

The day of the wedding, Luoxi tried to commit suicide.

What will happen to Yin Cheng? To Luoxi?

Who will Xiamo marry?

Who does she love?”



5 Responses

  1. Hope the two would work together again for their fans’ sake. It’s been 4 years after MARS and I really want to see them onscreen again. Its a shame if such great chemistry will not be put to use. If it’s likely Da S will be the female lead and if Zai Zai wont be the male lead, I hope they’ll pick Jerry Yan to do the project. Surely the series will be a smashing hit…

  2. Oh I love your blog! i’m a REALLY BIG Vic/Barbie shipper and I would be so happy to see those two in a drama again 😛

  3. […] of Bubbles update By ambergold I am sad to announce(somewhat belatedly), that my hopes for a Vic Zhou/Barbie Hsu reunion in her upcoming drama Summer of Bubbles have proven to be groundless, although they will both have […]

  4. Actually, Jerry Yen would be more perfect. Vic needs to star with an american actree for a change….and be woed by Hollywood. I think he can do better than Rain ( my adorable singer)

  5. I hope to see Da S and Zai Zai together again even if only on TV! Several years ago I thought they would end up together.

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