Japanese Mars

There’s a rumour(non-confirmed so far), that Horikata Maki, who starred in the delightful Japanese friendship drama Nobuta Wo Produce, might be chosen as Qi Luo in the Japanese version of Mars, while Akanashi Jin of Kat-tun might be chosen as Ling. I actually think both would be good choices; I don’t know about Akenashi, but Horikata is a good actress going by Nobuta, and both certainly fit their characters physically.

potential Ling:


He’s of course not nearly as good-looking as Vic Zhou however. 🙂

And the drama three-degrees of separation will kick in again as Akenashi’s fellow member of Kat-Tun, Yamashita, starred with Horikata in Nobuta Wo Produce. I swear, there’s some unwritten law of gravitation whereby all Asian stars are connected in a vast, intricate network…


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