News Bites: Big Bang, Joo Ji Hoon, and Song Hye-Kyo

Big Bang! is topping the charts for four weeks consecutively in a row according to the “Melon Music Charts.”

Joo-Ji Hoon is either deliberately choosing sexually ambigious roles or something about him makes him get cast that way – not only will he pretend to be a gay guy in his projected drama with Yoon Eun-Hye, but while he’s waiting around for it he’ll be playing a “genius baker who’s sexual inclinations are also ambiguous“, in the movie Antique Bakery.  Is it just me, or does that seem like a terrible waste of a perfectly good-looking man?

Meanwhile Song Hye-Kyo appears to be terribly wasted in her first American film Make Yourself at Home, formerly known as Fetish(am utterly baffled as to why they changed the title), but if it allows her to breakthrough in a larger market, I suppose it’s worth it. Or not. Shamanism? Never worth it.  On the plus side, The World They Live in looks interesting, although I find it ironic that she looks far more beautiful with long hair in the (almost certainly crappy) American film than in the much longer and more developed(and probably better) Korean drama with short hair.


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