Son Dambi, a fairly new Korean singer, made quite a stir a while back with her risque(by Korean standards anyway) song/MV “Bad Boy”(download the song here), and now she’s back with a new song/MV and a revamped image that screams clean-cut, sensitive, serious-musician syndrome. Surprisingly, she pulls it off fairly well, although her vocals(never impressive, it was her booty which made the biggest impression in Bad Boy) are so feathery light they never really go much of anywhere. Still, the song itself, Invisible Person, is wistful and pleasing, as is the MV. Kudos to her.

You can download it here.

Here is the old MV/Son Dambi – is it just me, or is she barely even recognizable?

I’d like to hope that she actually has seen the error of her ways and her new video is, really, the new Dambi – sadly, I’m too cynical.


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