Drama terms: (with some credit to Dramabeans)
hyung – “older brother”, used between males only
noona – “older sister”, used by a male to a female
oppa – older brother, used by a girl to an older male. When used between people who are not related, can carry a romantic connotation — many girls call their boyfriends oppa. A girl who starts calling a guy oppa may like him or be saying that as an expression of her interest. Not always, of course. But a girl who does NOT like an older unrelated male would likely call him something else, such as sunbae or his full name.
soju – Korean liquor known for being strong and cheap
unni – “older sister”, used between females only

Music terms:
C-pop – Chinese popular music
Mandopop – Mandarin popular music(i.e. music sung in Mandarin, one of China’s main languages), a subgenre of C-pop

K-pop – Korean popular culture


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