All about Dramas

What are dramas, also known as doramas, you ask? They are essentially Asian tv shows, usually told in a 16-24-episode story arc, ending with a definitive ending(highly refreshing after the indecisive and never-ending American shows). Of these, Korean dramas are by far the most popular.

According to the hugely popular YA site which sells many of these Korean dramas,

“Over 90% of the people who are enjoying YA Entertainment’s Korean TV drama mini-series DVDs with English subtitles are NOT Korean. Why do non-Korean, English-speaking Americans love Korean TV drama mini-series? Why do they use words like “addicting” when referring to them? Here is what they are telling us:

1. Purely and emotionally portray love, friendship, tragedy, loyalty, respect, and general family values.

2. Highly romantic stories of people beating the odds to find and experience true happiness.

3. Relatively little violence and sex.

4. Cliffhangers, cliffhangers, and more cliffhangers from one episode to the next.

5. Each Korean TV mini-series refreshingly has an ending. No Season 2, no sequels, etc. Most series are between 10-20 episodes (each episode = 60 minutes).

6. Korean actors and actresses are BEAUTIFUL people.

7. Beautiful (and unforgettable) musical scores.”

If there’s any doubt to be had about the increasing and incredible popularity of dramas, particularly in Western countries, all you need to know is that dramas now have their own entire Wikipedia section(in English!) – Dramawiki

Where to buy: is by far and away the cheapest option I’ve seen so far – example of what’s offered)
YA Entertainment

Where to watch:
Korean Drama
RUKorean-includes lists of links to online dramas and movies

Where to download: you must register and make 15 posts before gaining access to the media section)
see also this helpful post at Dramabeans


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