Vic Zhou

  • Name: 周渝民 / Zhou Yu Min
  • English name: Vic Zhou
  • Nickname: 仔仔 (Zai Zai, or “little child”, given to him by his grandmother and subsequently picked up by fans)
  • Profession: Actor, singer, model
  • Birthdate: 1981-June-09
  • Birthplace: Taiwan
  • Language Spoken: Chinese (Mandarin), Hokkien

Vic Zhou, also known as Vic Zhou Yu Min or Zaizai, is easily my favorite male Asian actor, and, fortunately for me, most of Asia seems to share this love – a member of boyband phenomenon F4/JVKV, he has also branched out since 2001 and established a parallel, highly successful individual career as a singer and actor.  One of the few truly multi-talented people I’ve ever seen, he has the charisma and vocal skills necessary to be a singer as well as the talent and versatile range of a true actor. While he could have been merely just another(granted, uber-popular) pop singer – he crafts pleasing but ultimately forgettable ballads – it is in his acting, the career he entered later, that he really shines.  Beginning with light romanctic comedy, his breakthrough as a serious actor came with 2004 drama Mars, which not only self-confessedly peaked his true interest in acting but also showed that he could handle difficult and varied roles. Since the troubled, pschologically tormented playboy of Mars, Vic has played everything from an amitious businessman to a perfectionist chef to a neurotic writer, and will next tackle his first “action’ role as a policeman in Black and White, also known as Ruffian Hero.



    Linger (20087

    Tea Fight(2008)


    Meteor Rain (2002)
    Make a Wish (2002)
    Fantasy 4ever (2003)
    Love Storm Soundtrack (2003)
    Remember I Love You (2004
    Mars Original Television Drama Sountrack (2004)
    Silence Original Television Drama Sountrack (2006)
    I’m Not F4 (2007)

    Vic quotes:

    “I think the best thing about being in F4 is the sense of unity that we have among the four members. I’ve never felt like I was alone or had to do a job by myself. Regardless of what challenges I face, I always have three other people whom I can go to for help. These people also inspire me to do better. And their inspiration has been what’s helped me grow and improve.” – Vic on F4

    “Without F4, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

    “Even though we (F4) are doing our own stuff, it is so our strength is greater when we’re united together.”


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